Cyberpunk 2077 sales already outpace development costs

Cyberpunk 2077 You’re probably already paying for it. In a memo issued Friday, CD Projekt, the parent company of developer CD Projekt Red, said that digital pre-order revenue alone outweighs everything. Cyberpunk 2077Production costs and all marketing and promotion costs for this year’s game company.

In a series of tweets published Thursday, CD Projekt announced: Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-ordered Over 8 million times..Almost Three-quarters of these pre-orders were for digital copies of the game, CD Projekt has a higher rate of return than physical copies sold at the same price. The company also Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam exceeded $ 50 million “more than two weeks ago”. That is, from that point on, you have received 80% of your royalties from the platform.

All of this is good news for the individual workers who create the game, as promised. 10% share of the company’s annual profit Towards 2020 — as in recent years. A complete description of the net profits of CD Projekt, and the full range of financial success Cyberpunk 2077, Will not surface until the company’s next investor report in 2021.

CD Projekt is a publicly traded company and one of the largest companies on the Polish stock market, with regular earnings announcements. We are also forced to make such statements on the issue of fundamentally changing our financial position in accordance with national regulations. The same thing happened when the company signed a deal with The Witcher writer Andrey Sapkovsky in 2019.

This particular note may have responded to the critical and commercial acceptance of mixed games on the same day that the company’s share price plummeted (about 29%).

Whatever the reason for the statement, it is still impressive.According to management, “estimated license royalties […] In connection with pre-order sales Cyberpunk 2077 All digital distribution channels outweigh the total game-related development costs and game marketing and promotion costs. “

But wait, you’re asking, hasn’t this game been developed more or less since 2012? Yes. Yes, it is, and according to Friday’s notice, Cyberpunk 2077 Earn from pre-orders on Steam and other digital distribution platforms such as the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store. This is the “license usage fee”. […] “In connection with pre-order” exceeds marketing and development costs “already incurred or expected for the rest of 2020,” as opposed to revenue from brands such as Doritos and gamer chairs, for example. It means that.

This announcement lies behind multiple controversies around Cyberpunk 2077Especially, it is in the state of being started in the legacy console. The team has reportedly been working long hours for over a year and is chewy. And they’re still working on it, issuing a zero-day patch and a second-day hotfix just a few hours ago.

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