Cyberpunk 2077 star car is now available on Forza Horizon 4 •

Update 12.30AM UK: As expected, the cyber car was announced at the Game Awards tonight. The award itself has not been won, but it will be available for free on Forza Horizon 4 later today (December 11th).

ORIGINAL STORY 12.00PM UK: I’ve only spent a few hours on Cyberpunk 2077, but I already love the car-modeled after a hero of the 80’s and is as augmented as a citizen of Night City. They are rapidly becoming my favorite on CD. Projekt’s spectacular open world RPG. So I’m very excited about the prospect of being able to spin the game’s star steed Quadra on Forza Horizon 4. This seems to be a very imminent possibility.

Keen-eyed Redditor acreamymeme discovered the 2058 Quadra on Forza Horizon 4 following a recent major Super 7 update released this week (first reported by Destructoid). This seems to have infiltrated the game prior to the official announcement. At the Game Awards show tonight. Not available in a wider range of games, it’s possible to grab the Quadra’s handle in the new Super7 mode, which introduces obstacles and player-created challenges to the Forza Horizon 4.

Tonight’s The Game Awards will start at midnight. We’ll talk more about this in the show. You can attend all the festivals on the site later tonight.

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