Cyberpunk 2077 Stream Leak is honestly v.Boring and not worth seeing

Hmmm, delicious leaks, you might use it to make leaks and potato soup. A physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077 has arrived at the retail store. In short, leaks are inevitable as disgruntled, low-paying employees cross their arms to free copies from Bezos’ loving grasp. Once such mavericks streamed it even 20 minutes on their PS4. Well, on the contrary, the title of this post is that some of you just want to see it, like a teenager who is told you shouldn’t date a 21 year old hanging out of OneStop. I know, but I saw it, and it’s honestly a waste of 20 minutes. If you look at it, you will regret spending that time.

Add it in a hurry, not because the game is garbage. It may be garbage, it may be great. I haven’t worked in Amazon’s warehouse so I haven’t played yet. No: It’s a bad stream to not show most of the games. Seriously, a small amount that makes you laugh. And they talk about all the dialogue.

Here’s the total of what’s actually displayed in the stream (that is, spoilers):

The streamer displays about 3 minutes of the character creation screen. Here, they’re just tinkering with the audio settings, so you can play the game as soon as possible. They select Nomad Lifepath (the Nomad version of V is listed at the top), jokingly do a YouTube-style intro and start playing. Open in a seedy garage. V is repairing the car by a mechanic, but the mechanic turns out not so good and V has to repair the engine himself.

After repairing the car, V prepares for departure, but a local sheriff appears and vaguely threatens. Next, V gets into the desert landscape, crashes into a fence near the radio tower, doesn’t understand how to get out of the car for a while, and climbs the tower to connect to someone called Willy with a walkie-talkie.

An officially released screen showing the cybertown sheriffs appearing in the stream.

I think this is dotted with long sections where the streamers are AFK or … well, AFC … because literally nothing is happening and the streamers don’t want people doing voice chat Ask the federal government to stop saying the real name Laughing about the fact that the streamers and their companions have a game and are playing it, the streamers are seen by people who aren’t their companions I’m surprised at the fact that I am. This last one is a little adorable.

Assuming you’re not one of the people currently doing spoiler lockdown, there’s really nothing shown at this stage that you might be interested. Even if you’re one of those people, I’m not sure if this is ruining a lot just because it actually displays a minimal amount of games.

It doesn’t touch on the potentially interesting parts of character creation. In the official video, I’ve seen more Badlands than this stream. You can’t even watch the voice acting because you look like a streamer and his companions.Having a very specific pain that means they Must Talk whenever the NPC is talking. Also, waiting for the streamer to do something does nothing for many of the streams, more than half the execution time. There is a legitimate case where “20 minutes of cyberpunk” is a terrible misnomer. If you sell a copy of this stream as a title, you can sell it under the Transaction Description Act.

It’s probably the least of your legal concerns at that time, but nonetheless.

I think it shows how the game runs on the PS4, but it’s hard to draw meaningful conclusions from it because there are no pre- or post-release patches installed.

Two young people are sitting / leaning on a cool rally car. They are dressed like Airsoft players who take it seriously.

What you can do in 20 minutes more enjoyable than this stream:

  • Make and eat a nice sandwich
  • Listen to about one-third of the electronic wireless show, a very good podcast
  • Go for a walk
  • Watch fun American sitcom episodes like Friends and Young Sheldon
  • Clean the microwave
  • Read a good book for 20 minutes
  • Masturbating (probably multiple times, who knows? Bargains)
  • Facetime to one or both of your parents – not just after making a previous suggestion on this list, but perhaps you somehow feel weird
  • Oh, it’s too late, it’s ringing
  • Oh, they’re at home-well, of course they’re at home, idiots, they’re retired.So they always call you at 3pm on weekdays so you aren’t working
  • Hi, mom! How about grandpa? Cool, yeah.No, all you have to do is check in
  • Why do you wash your hands? I do not have a reason. Just a habit you know.With viruses and everything

Anyway, if you still really want to see the stream in question, NeoGaf will catch up with the mirror when the footage is deleted. It is not advisable not to look enough. Please pray for a better leak. Or, if it fails, there is no leak.

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The Cyberpunk 2077 stream leak is honestly v. boring and not worth watching

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