Cyberpunk 2077 was the most popular PS4 game in June

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PlayStation revealed the most downloaded PS4, PS5, and PSVR games during June, but of course Ratchet & Crank: Lift Apartment It was the most popular PS5 title.Even more amazing Cyberpunk 2077, Even after its nasty launch Remove from PSN store, Was the most downloaded PS4 game last month.

As usual, Sony has published a blog List the most downloaded games last month. It’s not a shock to see new big games like Ratchet & Crank and FIFA 21 at the top of the chart, split into US / Canada and Ratchet & crank Is one of Some, true PS5 only There, and it’s really good. So it makes sense that it is so popular.

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However, Cyberpunk 2077 It caught my attention that it leads the PS4 chart in both the US and Europe.For one thing, the game has returned to June 21st PSN StoreIn other words, we achieved this number one spot in a short time. Another point is Even after all bugs, glitches and other issues, Still want to play a lot of people Cyberpunk 2077 On PS4.. (Or if the game is a backward compatible PS5.)

What makes this even wilder Sony itself warns people not to buy Cyberpunk 2077 With PS4. This notification can be found on the game store page.

Important Notice: Users will continue to experience performance issues with this game. We do not recommend purchasing it for use with PS4 systems.

But not enough people care or don’t seem to read the store page, Cyberpunk 2077 It became the most downloaded PS4 game in June.

Last month, the most downloaded games in most regions and consoles Resident Evil Village.. I think Lady Dimitresque helped me a lot.

If you want to read the entire chart Check out the official PlayStation blog post List the most downloaded games in June 2021.


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