Cyberpunk 2077PSA: Don’t unlock this garbage park

There is Lots A number of benefits that can be purchased for characters in Cyberpunk 2077. This allows you to customize the version of V to suit your playstyle and approach to the game. However, there is one perk that you absolutely must avoid. At least in the early stages of the game, when you’re trying to make money. The perk is called a “scraper” and robs you.

Scrapper benefits are under the Technical Ability attribute in the Crafting skill tree. At first, it sounds good enough. Scrapper allows you to automatically break junk items into craft components. Cyberpunk 2077 is littered with what’s considered “junk,” including old vinyl records, ashtrays, playing card packs, lighters, and dildos. (Recent updates seem to have significantly reduced the number of dildos displayed in the game, but for some time there have been a huge number of dildos.)

Most of the junk items I found in Night City are really junk items, and if you check them out in your backpack, you’ll find that they’re pretty worthless. Most junk items earn about € 3 (or “vortex” in Night City terminology), so it’s basically not worth the effort to pick them up and bring them to the vendor for unloading. Along that line, you might think Scrapper sounds great. That’s because you can instantly disassemble unwanted junk. That way, you won’t clutter your backpack or reduce the weight of your character (literally, if it’s overkill, you’ll be disturbed by what you have and you can move faster. You will not be able to do it).

But Scrapper steals money for you, so you’ll be wrong, especially when it’s very important to make money.

On rare occasions, you may find junk items that deserve more than two vortices. Some jewelery that plunders enemies or is scattered throughout buildings is classified as junk, but they are extremely valuable and can be sold in a whirlpool of 750. Cyberpunk calls those items junk, so they are automatically disassembled like ashtrays and dildos, and all those vortices disappear, making only a handful of super-cheap crafting materials. The vortex is very important, especially in the first half of Acts 1 and 2. There are story missions that require you to pay a hefty 20,000 or more vortex to move forward, so you need to save a lot. It.

Please do not select this benefit.

Most cyberware enhancements are also quite expensive and require a whirlpool of them. Cyberware will significantly change the way Cyberpunk 2077 is played. For example, purchasing the Double Jump feature opens up a huge number of options that are unreachable throughout Night City.

On the other hand, Scrapper’s perks are of little use. Unless you really want to devote yourself to it, you can safely ignore making a lot of time in cyberpunk. Even so, the crafting materials you get from junk aren’t really that useful. So this is a perk that is mostly more harmful than good, but you won’t know until you unlock it.

So save your reward points and get something better than Scrapper. It may sound like saving you some time, but it will actually rob you an easy way to make some fast cash. The cost of this benefit far outweighs the benefits.

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