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Former WWE star D-Von Dudley recently joined Average broke show.. He played games at the show and shared his thoughts on Stephanie McMahon.

D-von Dudley admits he fell in love with Stephanie McMahon

During the show, D-Von was shown different types of tables and asked who he wanted to put in each. When the jagged table appeared, he chose a female member of WWE, and of course it was Stephanie McMahon.

“I think I had to go with someone who was away from me and Baba during the Attitude era. We always wanted to go through the table. Now it’s a little thinner so I’ll give you a little. But I must say that this person is a woman and this particular woman I recorded at WWE Ride Along admitted that I was crazy about this person. [Laughs] And Baba was making fun of me throughout the ride. I’m thinking of Stephanie McMahon. “

He added:

“So I was able to put her through the table and give her a big hug when Triple H wasn’t looking.”

D-Von chose Stephanie McMahon as the greatest diva of all time

He continued to share his thoughts on Stephanie and further revealed that he was obsessed with her.

He said:

“I wanted to date Stephanie McMahon. I’m crazy about Stephanie McMahon. She’s beautiful inside and out, funny and charismatic. She said she should have a woman if I wasn’t married. Everything I think [laughs].. “

D-Von is currently working as a producer at WWE.

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D-Fondadley crazy about Stephanie McMahon D-Fondadley crazy about Stephanie McMahon

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