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DACA celebrates 50 years of influence

From the era of toll regulation to deregulation and innovation, and all the eras in between, there have been many changes in half a century of transportation and logistics. One constant is the American Distributor and Integrator (DACA), which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Founded in 1971, DACA is a member-controlled association of more than 30 privately owned and operated transportation and warehousing companies. The organization has a national voice for membership in mostly family-owned, asset-based regional businesses scattered throughout North America.

DACA members have been involved since the organization was founded 50 years ago and share best practices for transportation, logistics, and warehousing needs. They are a highly regarded and award-winning organization run by experienced professionals offering a variety of services. DACA is committed to serving customers with the highest integrity, integrity and quality, helping to guide members and their customers through the ever-evolving market of the supply chain.

Many DACA members appreciate the organization’s unparalleled networking opportunities, as it is invaluable to discuss best practices and seek feedback from peers.

The in-house newsletter “DACA in Action” provides news and insights to help member companies provide superior service to their clients. The DACA website at offers additional marketing exposure to help DACA members grow their businesses. The DACA website not only provides an annual directory to more than 3,000 transportation decision makers, but also provides the latest features available to attract customers. In addition, the DACA directory is a reliable reference for businesses of all sizes seeking the types of services offered by DACA members and their individual attention.

DACA’s interim and annual meetings are held in conjunction with trade fairs such as the Warehouse Education and Research Council Conference (WERC), the Transport Brokers Association (TIA), and the Supply Chain Management Experts Conference (CSCMP). DACA participates in most major transportation events and exhibitions.

For small and medium-sized truck and warehousing companies, DACA membership means being part of a unique and special group. Membership opens the door to an inexhaustible store of information.

By pooling the resources of member companies, DACA provides an affordable way for members to achieve corporate account exposure. DACA’s advertising and networking efforts are even more valuable within an organization where logistics and transportation decisions are drawn to headquarters.

The opportunity to connect, share best practices, and introduce current customers to other members has made DACA and its members a well-known and reliable resource in the ever-evolving, highly fragmented industry. You can clearly understand why. For customers looking for more than off-the-shelf solutions, DACA members offer custom-made solutions and experience across a wide range of services.

DACA has been helping its members become the most effective service providers in their respective markets for 50 years. Many DACA members have been in business for over 50 years, some of which are over 100 years old, each proof of the value of membership within DACA.

When DACA was formed on November 17, 1971, founder Ira P. Jones envisioned a bright future for product integration and distribution. That vision is still strong today.

DACA celebrates 50 years of service and at the same time expects more years of influence.

DACA is a membership management association of more than 30 privately owned and operated transportation and warehousing companies in most major cities in North America. For more information, please visit, send an email to daca @, or call 717-764-6531.

DACA celebrates 50 years of influence DACA celebrates 50 years of influence

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