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DAF Strengthens Position in 2020: Recorded Second Largest Market Share in Company History

DAF Trucks strengthened its position as a global commercial vehicle manufacturer in 2020. Europe’s heavy-duty (16 tonnes and above) segment market share has grown to 16.3%, the latest generation of trucks have been introduced in Taiwan and Brazil, and zero-emission CF Electric has been produced. It was announced to explain DAF’s environmental leadership.

In 2020, DAF registered 37,580 trucks in the large European market for 230,400 vehicles, gaining a 16.3% (2019: 16.2%) share. This is the second best achievement in the company’s history. The European medium-duty truck market (6-16 tons) totaled 41,400 units, with DAF’s market share of 9.5% (2019: 9.7%).

Market leaders in 6 European countries
DAF continued to demonstrate strong market leadership in the Netherlands (31.8%), the United Kingdom (31.6%), Poland (23.7%), Hungary (27.9%) and Bulgaria (25.4%). Dutch truck makers also won the 2020 market leader in Portugal (21.8%). DAF is Europe’s leader in tractor units and the number one import brand in Europe’s two largest truck markets. Germany and France. The market share of the heavy duty rigid segment increased to 11.5%.

Sale outside Europe
Last year, DAF sold 5,880 trucks outside the EU and introduced the latest generation vehicles in Taiwan (6 euros), Brazil (5 euros), and the Middle East and Africa (3 euros and 5 euros). 10,000th The locally assembled trucks were delivered in Taiwan, where DAF is a rugged market leader among European manufacturers. DAF is also a market leader in Israel and Belarus. In 2020, DAF sold more than 2,000 PACCAR engines to leading manufacturers of coaches, buses and specialty vehicles around the world.

“Recording after recording” “In 2020, we sold a record number of DAF MultiSupport repair and maintenance contracts, achieved a record PACCAR Financial market share, and provided a record number of DAF used trucks to new owners,” said the director. Richard Zink, a member of the society, said. Marketing and sales responsibilities. “Our goal is to further strengthen our leadership position, so we are working with dealers to strategically expand our network of over 1,100 professional dealers and service points, for example, last year. Our independent dealers have opened a total of 45 new dealers in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. “

Environmental leadership

In addition to continuous development of combustion engine technology, DAF is investing in the latest technologies in batteries and hybrid electric powertrains to help reduce CO.2 Improving emissions and air quality in urban areas. As part of field testing, DAF customers are already enjoying the benefits of CF hybrid trucks that employ zero-emission battery technology when driving in urban areas and apply clean diesel engines to rural routes. DAF has announced the production of a new CF Electric truck. It offers an extended single charging range of 200 kilometers and recently introduced the LF Electric with a range of 280 kilometers of zero emissions.

Ready to grow further

In 2020, DAF produced more than 37,600 CF and XF trucks and approximately 9,000 LF vehicles. “European truck demand improved in the second half of the year, along with the European economy,” said Harry Walters, president of DAF Trucks. “The European truck market in 2021 is estimated to continue to recover, ranging from 250,000 to 280,000 units. Further by providing our customers with the highest quality, exceptional fuel economy and excellent driver comfort. Ready to grow. “

DAF Strengthens Position in 2020: Recorded Second Largest Market Share in Company History DAF Strengthens Position in 2020: Recorded Second Largest Market Share in Company History

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