Daily reaction-new console, old habits facilitate the transition to PS5

Old habits die hard. While using the PS5, I’ve been looking for a platinum trophy.I played call of Duty With friends across platforms (and console generations).And I spent too much midnight honing my gear Destiny 2 Prepare for a new raid. In many respects, it feels like nothing has changed, except for the huge white and black monoliths that now grace the top of my entertainment center and the insanely fast load times.

Anyone who expected the PS5 to bring a major shift to the game was right, but it’s probably not as obvious as the breaks of previous generations. Focusing PS5 on backwards and cross-platform compatibility with the PS4 library means that you don’t have to change your habits. You don’t have to think about when to discontinue the old console. You don’t have to leave friends who haven’t upgraded yet. You can play all the games you have already played. Load times have been significantly reduced, visuals have been improved, and these old habits can be maintained simply by using an incredibly new controller.

When Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Released, I jumped in immediately call of Duty A crew that plays a lot of multiplayer. No one has a PS5 yet, but the old PS4 party group was taken over by PS5, voice chat worked fine, and I was able to team up without problems. It was seamless and I didn’t even know that no one was using the new console.

I couldn’t dive Destiny 2: Beyond the Light Until the weekend after the release, it will take too long to prepare for tomorrow’s Raid Day and it will be a regular participation Fate A group of friends who play on both PS5 and PS4.I instinctively pushed platinum Astro playroom..I finished Spider-Man Miles Morales It’s 100% because you can’t leave the indicator off in open world games. Also, despite being a disk-based version, I have never put a disk in my system. This is a carryover from my transition to all-digital in the process of the PS4 generation, but spending an extra $ 100 on a disc-based console was an “old habit”. (Yes, one of my consoles was provided by the PlayStation for review. The second PS5 I bought for my wife is also a disk-based version.)

New console, new habits

The truth is that the last generation slowly prepared us for this new generation and everything that accompanies it. Over time to accept the launch of digital gaming and cloud services instead of the shocking changes that come with an all-new console (see Microsoft’s first radical change on the Xbox One seven years ago) Has been conditioned with. , Cross-platform multiplayer, and a living game we’re always back in. This generation of innovation is an improvement in current gaming habits, not an unpleasant change that goes against what we are used to.

Sony’s approach to the PS5 was to embrace what works and evolve the ecosystem, leaving people with a ton without having to jump from one platform to another. PS5 has absolute benefits and changes. This is one of the biggest generational breakthroughs I’ve ever pointed out in a console review. But the leap is more player-focused than ever. We have a new console, but you can keep practicing the old game habits we have, play your favorite games, team up with old friends and play your way ..

We are confident that the PS5 generation will bring about similar gradual changes in overall gaming habits and thinking. Everyone can guess what it will look like by the time the fictional PlayStation 6 comes out, but there are some important indicators that suggest that digital games and cloud services are gaining in power. After all, Sony seems to have something to announce in the future in response to the Xbox Game Pass. And the developers don’t fully understand the toolset they have on the PS5. Even Sony’s Jim Ryan doesn’t think it’s going to be a few years before the full potential of the system begins to be fully realized in the game.

And there are all the new little tricks that PS5 allows for both developers and call of Duty It has resistance and kicks and has adaptive triggers that actually make the gun feel different. Some had to turn it off immediately because it felt different, but accepting that new dimension gave the controller almost a sixth sensation (oh, that’s the proper name for DualSense. ).

Astros Playroom Notification Speed ​​Run Off

Elements like activity cards and the ability to jump to any point in the game almost instantly change not only how you play, but also how you think about participating in the game.Can elicit notifications about Astro playroom It’s incredible to start a speed runlevel and literally a few seconds later.Navigate the world with activity cards Miles Morales And that side quest allows you to understand exactly what you want to do. It took a long time to adopt this feature. This is mainly due to the old gaming habit, the habit of dying hard. By the end of this generation, I hope the use of these cards will become an equally old habit.

The most interesting aspect of this new generation for me is Easy It was a transition. For years after the PS4 went on sale, I had the PS3 in my TV cabinet (perhaps because I had the false hope of actually coming back) and left the PS4 in the office to simply act as a streaming device. I did. PS5 remote play. You can access the new console in multiple rooms. Also, since the entire PS4 library is on an external hard drive connected to the PS5, if you are in the office you can also play PS4 games via PS4 via remote play and PS5 via backward compatibility I will.

There may be new consoles, but with Sony’s adoption of players and ecosystems, these old habits have made the transition between generations one of the easiest to date. And the PS5 will slowly evolve these old habits and introduce more new gaming habits that will be passed on to future console generations.

Is your old gaming habit inherited on the PS5?

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Daily Reaction – New Consoles, Old Habits

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