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Here is a daily summary of the movements in the all-time list of scores, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and three pointers after yesterday’s match.

Kyle Lowry Assist 33rd place now

Moved ahead of Scottie Pippen with 6,142 assists.He is now 96 away from Jerry West

CJ McCollum 6th place with 3 pointers

Moved with 1,254 3 pointers in front of Cliff Robinson and Stephen Jackson.He is now two away from Vernon Maxwell

Bojan Bogdanovic I got 96th place with three pointers

With 3 pointers of 1,102, I moved ahead of Evan Fournier. He is currently two people away from Latrell Sprewell and Randy Foye.

Rudy gay I got 98th place with three pointers

Moved ahead of Robert Covington with 1,100 three pointers.He is now one person away from Evan Fournier

Kentavious Caldwell-Pop I was ranked 121st with the three pointers.

Moved ahead of Richard Jefferson with 1,044 three pointers.He is one person away from Michael Redd

Gordon Hayward It became number 138 with the three pointer

Earn 978 3 pointers ahead of Al Harrington, Walt Williams and Mark Price.He is now tied to Scottie Pippen

Jordan Clarkson I got 150th place with three pointers

Voshon Lenard and Chucky Atkins were preceded by 938 3 pointers.He is now 2 away from Anthony Peeler

D’Angelo Russell It became number 154 with the three pointer

It preceded George MacLeod and Jose Manuel Calderon with 923 three pointers.He is now tied to Darrell Armstrong

Serge Ibaka Currently rebounding number 159

Moved ahead of Shareef Abdur-Rahim with 6,240 rebounds.He is now 66 away from Cliff Robinson

Thaddeus Young Rebound now number 164

Moved ahead of Zydrunas Ilgauskas with 6,194 rebounds.He is now four away from Rudy Tomjanovich

DeMar DeRozan Now Assist No.170

Moved before Steve Blake with 3,447 assists.He is now 3 away from Chris Mullin

Justin Holiday Currently number 173 with three pointers

With a three-pointer of 857, he was ahead of OJ Mayo. He is currently eight people away from Eric Piatkowski, Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Tollive.

Jonas Valančinas Currently 176th in rebound

Moved ahead of James Edwards and Joe Grabowski on a 6,014 rebound.He is now 44 away from Joakim Noah

Kevin love Currently 197th in points

He was ahead of Steve Smith with 13,432 points. He is currently 15 people away from Baron Davis and Cliff Hagan.

Terry Rozier It became number 199 with the three pointer

With the 777’s three pointers, I moved ahead of Rick Fox, James Jones, Byron Scott, and Jodie Meeks.He is now 7 away from Donovan Mitchell

Nikola Vucevic Currently number 206 in the block

Moved 620 blocks in front of Andre Iguodala.He is now 4 away from James Worthy

Will barton It became number 222 with the three pointer

He led Keith Bogans, Brandon Knight and Dominique Wilkins with 715 3 pointers.He is now one away from Charlie Villanueva

Jeff green It became 225 points

It surpassed Bill Cartwright by 12,715 points.He is now 25 away from Johnny Newman

Kristaps Porzingis It became the 229th block

Moved in front of Lorenzen Wright and Keyon Clark at 574 blocks.He is now 2 away from Grant Hill

Tony Snell It became number 230 with the three pointer

Bobby Jackson and Davis Bertans were preceded by a 690 3-pointer.He is now tied to Rodney Rogers

DeMar DeRozan No. 232 steals now

Moved in front of Greg Anthony on 888 Steel.He is now tied to Marques Johnson

Austin Rivers It became number 238 with 3 pointers

Moved in front of Mickaël Pitras with 680 three pointers.He is four people away from Karl-Anthony Towns

What is the topic of Twitter?

Tom O’sborn @tom_orsborn Sad about his approach:
“Always be prepared. Do what I’ve been doing for years. It’s a 15-year career. You’re not here just to be here. A level of consistency, a level of professionalism, and always prepared. You are here because there is a level that is made. “– 11:00 AM
Tom O’sborn @tom_orsborn Thaddeus Young:
“That’s what we’ve been working on all season. When we win, we basically try to carry it over to the next game and throw that win out the window. Remember, but we’ll have another game coming, so throw it out the window. ”2/2 – 10:55 am
Justin Kubatko @jkubatko NS @Chicago Bulls Last night, three players recorded at least 25p / 5r / 5a.
✅ Nikola Vucevic (30/14/5)
✅ DeMar DeRozan (28/5/6)
✅ Zach LaVine (25/6/5)
It’s the first time it’s happened in franchise history, and it’s the first time it’s happened in the NBA since January 18, 2010. – – 9:51 am

Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat Five degrees of heat from the defeat of the 120-111 Nuggets on Monday night.…

1. I won’t fight this time, or I will fight from the heat.
2. Also, there are no butlers or heroes.
3. Adebayo arrives (too) late.
4. Raleigh hits a milestone. Robinson is having a hard time.
5. Strus corrects from three. – – 9:14 am

Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Bam Adebayo is currently earning 0.99 PPP as a rollman this season
He was 1.32 PPP last season, slightly less frequently
He gets a lot of on-ball and mid-post touches, but I really felt that number would skyrocket in Raleigh.
Return to base – 9:02 AM
Miljam Swanson @Mirjam Swanson Serge Ibaka said he was “not surprised” about the shooting capabilities developed by former Toronto teammate Jonas Valančinas. Note that he has been working hard on it for some time. – – 1:16 AM
Andrew Graef @Andrew Greif The Clippers have suffered their fifth defeat in the last seven games after this match against New Orleans. In New Orleans, despite shooting 3 to 53% and 38%, it didn’t threaten one of the league’s worst road teams.
PG: 27 points
Reggie: 19 points
Ibaka: 13 points – 0:37 am
Andrew Graef @Andrew Greif End of 3Q: Pelican 90, Clippers 78
Reggie Jackson has 19 points, PG has 17 points, Ibaka has 13 points, and Bledsoe has 10 points. Valantunas scored only 4 points in the third quarter. – – 12:09 am
Miljam Swanson @Mirjam Swanson Of course, the Clippers floor space is also large. Ibaka is today 3 to 3 with a 5 to 6 shot and 13 points in 15 minutes. – – 12:00 am

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Daily statistical milestones: Kyle Lowry passes Scottie Pippen and more Daily statistical milestones: Kyle Lowry passes Scottie Pippen and more

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