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Below is a summary of daily movements in the all-time list of scores, rebounds, assists, blocks, steeles and three pointers after yesterday’s match.

Stephen Curry Now points 53rd

It surpassed Tony Parker and Terry Cummings by 19,476 points.He is now 45 away from Walter Davis

Stephen Curry No. 60 assist now

Moved in front of Rickey Green with 5,225 assists.He is four people away from Mike Conley

Evan Fournier Currently 85th in three pointers

Earn 1,168 3 pointers ahead of Quentin Richardson and Antawn Jamison.He is now 3 away from Ben Gordon

Kemba Walker Now assist 130

Moved in front of Walter Davis with 3,879 assists.He’s now two away from Scott Skiles

Kemba Walker Currently 164th in points

Moved ahead of Alonzo Mourning with 14,328 points.He is now 15 away from Al Jefferson

Andrew Wiggins It became number 207 with 3 pointers

I moved in front of Jamal Mashburn with the 770 three pointer.He’s now one away from Rick Fox

Karl-Anthony Towns It became number 227 with 3 pointers

I moved in front of Dominique Wilkins with the 712 three pointer.He is two people away from Keith Bogans

What is the topic of Twitter?

Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba About Andrew Wiggins adapting to Clay and Steph together on the court:
“I feel like I’m still taking the shot I want to take. I’m still touching. Now we have more weapons. Adding clay to the starting lineup, another big Weapons have been added. It makes us more dangerous. “– 1:47 AM
Ohm Young Misuk @NotoriousOHM Steve Kerr says Stephen Curry didn’t play in 4th place because the game was almost fixed. Kerr says he thinks everything is okay because he couldn’t hear anything on Steph’s finger recorded on tape. – – 0:42 am
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater Stephen Curry taped several fingers together on his left hand. Usually a sign of a pierced finger. The Warriors go up to 20 and open 4Q, so if they keep their leads healthy, he probably won’t come back. But it looks like you can do it if you want. – – 11:50 pm
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews Stephen Curry left the courtroom with Rick Celebrini. Steph was fidgeting his left hand (not the one who extended him the other night) after hitting a flexible ball a few minutes ago. – – 11:47 pm
Connor Retorno @Con_Chron Curry returned to the bench after a short visit to the locker room. He seemed to be looking at his non-shooting hand. – – 11:47 pm
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater Stephen Curry goes down the tunnel after finishing the match against Rick Celebrini. I stopped a bit to see his left palm / hand (not the one he hurt the other day, it’s a new problem). Celebrini and Curry decided it was best to go to the locker room and check. What to monitor. – – 11:46 pm
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe Curry had a GP2 pass ricochet just from his left hand. It obviously hurts when he frowns and begins to wave. He is still playing with it. I haven’t dribbled with my left hand since then – 11:36 pm
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA Karl-Anthony Towns playing at MSG:
“Everyone will have a chance to have a moment of MSG. I felt that tonight was the biggest moment of MSG. Great crowd, great atmosphere, great energy. And I silenced everyone, so That made it even better. “- 11:06 PM
Christopher Hein @Christopher Hein Karl-Anthony Towns: “It was the biggest moment I spent at MSG. Great crowds, great atmosphere, great energy, and I was able to silence everyone to make it even better.” – 11:04 pm
Fred Cuts @Fred Katz Evan Fournier: “It’s the type of game that keeps you up late. The rest of the morning feels a bit like shit.” – 11:03 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA Karl-Anthony Towns after a two-point win tonight:
“We have always found a way to lose a game like this (in the course of his career).”
KAT says he felt “worthy” for this team this year. – – 10:53 pm
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA Karl-Anthony Towns introduced Jaylen Nowell as the “Sixman of the Year” at a post-match press conference. – – 10:51 pm
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA Karl-Anthony Towns is in Julius Randle’s late-match bucket:
“It was Kentucky in Kentucky crime.” – 10:44 pm
Montepur @MontePooleNBCS After 1: Warriors 33, Pistons 22
-Appropriate quarter of GSW
-6-10 3p, Defense Solid
-Wiggins 9, Curry 6, Thompson 5
-Looney 8 rebounds in 9 minutes
-DET: 41pct FG – 10:38 pm
James Edwards III @JLEdwardsIII End of 1Q: Warriors 33, Pistons 22
Wiggins has 9 points and GSW has already 15 rebounds
Cade Cunningham leads Detroit with 6 points and Lyles has 5 points – 10:36 pm
Fred Cuts @Fred Katz Finals: Timberwolves 112, Knicks 110.
Knicks falls to 22-23, 11th in the east.
• Fournier 27-4-4
• Randall 21-9-9, 4 blocks, 2 stls
• Barrett 17-6-2
• Walker 19-2-4
• Edwards 21-3-3
• Town 20-5-3– 10:18 pm
Tim Bontemp @Tim Bontemps It’s crazy to think that Kemba Walker wasn’t banished to the end of Nickbench long ago. He’s been great on his return tonight and is taking Knicks back here. – – 9:55 pm
Brian Mahoney @briancmahoney Kemba Walker has three pointers for the last three baskets of Knicks. With up to 19 points on his return, Knicks leads Wolf 107-102 at 3:40. – – 9:55 pm
Fred Cuts @Fred Katz Knicks leads the Timberwolves 91-86 through three-quarters.
• Fournier 26-3-4, 5-83P
• Randall 16-7-7, 3 blocks, 2 stls
• Barrett 14-5-2
• Edwards 19 points, 3 ast
• Town 15-4-3
Knicks won 40-25 in the third quarter. – – 9:33 pm
Steve Popper @Steve Popper The Fournier 10-12 scored 26 points, most impressively, blocking Edwards and possibly stripping the town with one property. – – 9:29 pm
Steve Popper @Steve Popper In one possession, Evan Fournier blocked Anthony Edwards’ drive without jumping and stripped Karl-Anthony Towns to force a 24-second breach. – – 9:14 pm
Fred Cuts @Fred Katz Evan Fournier is now sneaking a fiery streak. 3 to 5 from midnight tonight means he has shot 3 to 58 percent in the last 6 games. – – 9:09 pm
Fred Cuts @Fred Katz Half time. Timberwolves leads Knicks 61-51.
• Fournier 13-2-2
• Barrett 11 & 5
• Randall 6-2-3
• Edwards 16 points
• Town 11-3-2
Knicks has 13 turnovers. – – 8:42 pm
Fred Cuts @Fred Katz Through the quarter, the Timberwolves lead 30-23.
• Fournier 8 & 2
• Robinson 6 & 3
• Town 11 & 3
• Edwards 8 points – 8:09 pm
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA Wolves love to take DLo off-ball and protect their wings to allow them to play freely and safely. A hiding place.
Those hiding places are Barrett or Fournier, so be a little careful tonight. But Finch sticks to it and puts DLo in Fournier.
DLo steals early, but also steals some Fournier buckets. – – 7:52 pm
Steve Popper @Steve Popper Karl-Anthony Towns pointed to Tibodo, who broke the game’s face and waved to the previous player while preparing the opening hint. – – 7:42 pm
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Caleb Martin reduced offensive players to 29% shooting in January of the fourth quarter
Why is it important?
He protects to that extent with De’Aaron Fox, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Trae Young and Fred VanVleet.
He’s doing this because of his elite talent – 7:02 pm
Tim Bontemp @Tim Bontemps According to Knicks, Kemba Walker returned to the lineup tonight after missing 10 games for more than two weeks due to knee pain. He starts. – – 6:49 pm
Stephen Bondi @SBondyNYDN Kemba is a game time decision and warms up. Not always, but usually from Thibs, which means it’s available to the player – 5:48 pm
Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba Detroit Pistons Rookie Cade Cunningham Andrew Wiggins:
“He’s a really good player. He’s ready and can do it all. He can win the ball. He can make and defend. , The sky is his limit. He is a good young player. “– 2:13 PM
Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba Andrew Wiggins talked about the team’s chemistry now that Klay Thompson is back.
“Clay is a player’s hell and a great player. He’s one of the greatest shooters of all time. As soon as he gets to the court, he’s going to make the team better. That’s what he’s doing. That’s it. “- 2:04 PM

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Daily Statistical Milestones: Stephen Curry Passes Tony Parker and More Daily Statistical Milestones: Stephen Curry Passes Tony Parker and More

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