Daisy Ridley always sends text to Ray’s Mother actor

Actor Daisy Ridley, who played Ray in three Star Wars movies, says she always sends texts to actor Jodie Comer, who played her mother.

Daisy Ridley revealed that he still regularly sends texts to Jodie Comer, who portrays Ray’s mother. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers.. Star Wars When Disney got the franchise, it came back in a big way. From 2015 Star Wars Force Awakening, Disney tried to continue the story of Skywalker. In doing so, they put together a cast of up-and-coming actors featuring Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, and of course Ridley. Ridley played the role of RayA power-sensitive orphan looking for her place in space. From the moment Ray was introduced, her parent-child relationship has been the subject of much controversy.

rear Force AwakeningMany thought Ray had connections with one of the franchise’s core heroes, Luke, Leia, Han and other families. Star Wars: The Last JediKylo Ren, the next movie in the series, saw an answer stating that Ray’s parents were just junk traders who sold Ray for drinking. This answer ignited deep hatred from most of the fan base who invested in characters in the hope of something more spectacular.when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers Continue to 2019, The Junkt Trader’s description proved to be incorrect (or reconsidered for repulsion), revealing that Ray was the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious. Ray’s parents were only briefly introduced in the movie, but still influenced to give fans a much better answer than in the previous movie.

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Recently Ridley spoke with Grazia Promote her new podcast thriller Zoetrope..During the interview, Ridley was asked about leaving Star Wars Being late after all these years.She mentioned how sad it is to leave soon Star Wars, When they all broke up, shed a lot of tears on her side and was done. Still, Ridley said he was in contact with many casts and crews. One of the names she mentioned was Jodie Comer, who exchanges texts on a regular basis. Check out Ridley’s comments below:

“My God, I was very sad. I spent a lot of time crying, I really felt sad about something. They have been with my people for years I did! John [Boyega] I met both of them when I was 21 years old. I was very young. We started this together in our early twenties, and now I’m 29 years old. But while John is the busiest person in the world, we are all in touch. The other day, I went to breakfast with Kathy Kennedy. It was very nice.Jody [Comer] And I always send text. It was a great experience. “

Star Wars Reima Mama Jodie Comer

Both Ridley and Comer Star Wars The universe as a relative unknown. Ridley had some minor television roles and short films on her resume.Kammer played quite a few important roles under her belt when she appeared. The rise of SkywalkerStill, she was mainly known for her work Killing Eve..Ridley is now appearing in the following movies Orient Express murder When Chaos walking, Recently, Comer is displayed next to The blockbuster Ryan Reynolds, Free Guy..Ridley currently has Marsh King’s daughter In post production, Comer can then be seen with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and peers. Star Wars Alum Adam Driver Last duel..

There’s nothing new about the actors staying in touch after the movie is over, but Ridley and Kammer didn’t really share screen time. The rise of Skywalker.. Although their characters share a unique bond, Comer’s appearance in the movie was short, with a young actress playing Ray instead of Ridley. Ray’s parents aren’t even given a name because Kammer is credited as Ray’s mother and Billy Howle is credited as Ray’s father. But it would seem enough for Ridley and Kammer to build a lasting friendship.How about Star Wars, Ray’s journey seems to be over for the time being, but the character was always able to return.

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