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Sainz and WRC champion Robe, who won the Dakar three times, lost a lot of time in a two-week marathon in Saudi Arabia in January due to unrelated navigation problems and blamed the roadbook.

Sainz, an X-Raid mini driver, described the event as “Gymkhana rather than a rally raid”, saying he was “sick” after getting lost in the desert twice in the first three days. I felt that the robes made little difference. In the result of “co-driver race, not driver”.

Comments followed a major change this year, with each crew member being given a roadbook 15 minutes before the stage rather than the night before, and Dakar tried to make up for this by providing a more detailed roadbook, but they did. I didn’t have time to add my own notes.

Castera first responded to Sainz and Loeb in January, stating that the organizer’s ASO did not make the roadbook “intentionally difficult”, but more detailed in the 2022 Dakar Rally presentation. Provided the answer.

Castella, who was the chief of Dakar in March 2019, said that navigation would not play a major role in next year’s event as much as 2021, but warned that it could not “betray discipline.” Completely keep navigation challenges away from Dakar.

“Well, the criticism came from one in 300 people in Dakar,” Castella said. “No, but it’s true that it came from the two WRC players, Sebastien Loeb and Carlos Sainz.

“For me, say in French Lugardi Endu Temple, I am the guardian of the essence and monitor the spirit of the rally raid: endurance, more adventure, more driving, more navigation.

“I’m here to find the balance between these pillars of the rally raid spirit. It’s true that one can be more important than the other, as was the case with last year’s navigation.

“I want to find a better balance next year, but what the driver doesn’t understand is that he’s not trying to make it extremely difficult.

“When we scout in October, the roads are completely visible, but until the race, it’s raining, windy and many people pass through parallel roads, so when the driver completes the stage It can be much more difficult, but in some cases it can be easier.

“Finding this balance is very complicated, it’s my job and I try to adjust it, but I never get rid of the pillars of navigation, otherwise I’ll betray this discipline. , Sainz, etc. need to understand this well. They have nothing to do with Dakar. “

Castella, co-driver of Cyril Despres at Peugeot in 2016-18 and navigator of Stephane Peterhansel at X-raid in 2019, has become more complex to navigate since Larry left South America in 2020. I admitted that it has become. You need to agree and adapt.

“In South America, I organized 10 Dakars and also worked as a co-driver, so it was very easy before. There was little navigation,” he said.

“But Carlos also has a huge problem. Those images where he was seen moving like a radio-controlled car in one direction and in the other are impossible, no one does it. ..

“I did Peterhansel and Dakar once, 3 to 4 with Despress. When I had a problem, I stopped, talked, and made a decision together.

“I won the stage after a minute or two, which Carlos and Sebastian must understand. It’s part of the race, and in Saudi Arabia it’s very different from previous philosophies and you have to change your mind. It doesn’t become.

“Navigation is and will continue to be part of Dakar. What I understand well is that it doesn’t have to be a lottery, it’s a job I have to do now.”

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Dakar chief responds to Sainz’s robe after intense criticism Dakar chief responds to Sainz’s robe after intense criticism

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