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Frisco, Texas-Defense Coordinator Dunquin Dallas Cowboys‘Thursday interim coach New Orleans Saints Head coach Mike McCarthy was unable to play in the match because he tested positive for COVID-19.

Quinn was helpful AtlantaSome head coaches for the 6 seasons of 2015-20. He posted a record of the 43-42 regular season and took his team to the Super Bowl LI. He was fired last season and rejuvenated Dallas’ defense, which was out of season to enable a franchise record for points.

Quinn will make the final decision in the end, but aggressive coordinator Keren Moore and special team coordinator John Fassel are also deeply involved.

“Dan’s experience, challenge flags, time-outs, referee meetings, of course, I think there are a lot of small things that go into it,” McCarthy said. “You can get someone to do it every week, but spread it. Keren needs to focus on the attack and call the game to keep it. John is the coach of most special teams. So, I’m also involved in some game management .. It’s the same because we put the network at the top. So the biggest change is to take Dan to the scene and he Is to ensure that you have the information you need to make sound decisions. “

McCarthy attended the COVID protocol on Monday, but continued to direct the preparation of the game and attended virtually every meeting. He will have a regular pre-match talk with the team on Thursday morning.

So far, McCarthy, who said his only symptom was a “scratch on his throat,” doesn’t remember missing out on practice during his tenure at the NFL. I was unable to coach in the Pro Bowl in 2016 due to stomach problems. He said he wasn’t thinking about what it would be like to see his team play on TV.

“I just want to make sure the team is ready,” McCarthy said. “That’s the way I’ve always been. There’s a preparation phase and a performance phase. The preparation phase obviously gives the best chance on Thursday night and needs to be completed. Obviously, I think it will. It’s hard to sit down and watch your team compete. It’s hard. Obviously, I had that experience there a bit at the end of 2018 (after his firing in Green Bay), and to see It was cruel. “

McCarthy notified the players at the end of the virtual team meeting on Monday morning.

“The message was to continue, just continue” Quarterback Dak Prescott Said. “The coaches put us in the routine and did a great job of laying the groundwork for us, and we got great leaders and great coaches and coordinators who do great work in step-ups. We will miss the coach, but his health is of utmost importance. We will fight and accomplish everything we need. “

With this change, Quinn will move from the booth to the sideline. He called for two years of defense in Atlanta as head coach.

“The most important thing in decision making and defense is for him to get the right information in the right time frame, which is probably more important than the right information,” McCarthy said. “People in the box will have to pick it up a little there.”

The Cowboys will continue their virtual meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday before flying to New Orleans. McCarthy said the Cowboys will continue to test throughout Game Day.So far, the right approach Terence Steel The only player who hasn’t been active this week for COVID.

In addition to McCarthy, Offensive Line Coach Joe Philbin, Assistant Offensive Line Coach Jeff Brasco, Strength & Conditioning Coach Harold Nash, and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Kendal Smith will be absent from Saints. ..

Running back coach Skip Pete was unable to play against the Atlanta Falcons on November 14th due to COVID.

Due to so many incidents among the coaches, McCarthy moved to the Omni Hotel next to the star to isolate himself and keep his family safe. He said members of his family were also positive on the test.

In his message to the players, McCarthy emphasized, “From a personal point of view, this is the real thing. This threat is very real and as much as possible to keep yourself and your family safe. Please … I told them. If it can get me, it can get anyone. “I think I was very cautious and careful. I think it shows the danger of pandemics and viruses. “

Wide receiver Amari Cooper Reserve / COVID-19 After missing the last two games on the list, I returned to the building but didn’t practice.

After last season’s minimal COVID issue, the Cowboys were hit much harder this season.Pro bowl right guard Zack Martin I missed the opening round of the COVID list.Linebacker Kianunir And Cooper, who had only two unvaccinated players on the 53-person list, missed two games on the COVID list.Defensive end Randy Gregory, Kicker Greg ZuerleinProtect Brandon Knight and Defensive End Bradlee Anae I also missed the game on the list.

McCarthy is the fourth head coach to miss a match on the COVID protocol since last season.Kevin Stefanski missed Cleveland Browns‘Playoff games with Pittsburgh Steelers..Cliff Kingsbury Arizona Cardinals And Matt Nagy’s Chicago Bears Each of them couldn’t play in the match this season.

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Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy tests positive that COVID-19, DC Dan Quinn will work tentatively Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy tests positive that COVID-19, DC Dan Quinn will work tentatively

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