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New Orleans- Dallas Cowboys Director Mike McCarthy knew it would be difficult to watch a Thursday night match at a hotel in Frisco, Texas. He just didn’t know how difficult it was.

The good news is that McCarthy’s Cowboys New Orleans Saints At 27-17, he will end his two consecutive losses and expand his qualification for five games to the Washington Football Team in the NFC East.

“It was rough. I’m not going to lie,” McCarthy told ESPN on the phone after the match. “I’m proud of what it was like with everyone, but I don’t want to do this again.”

McCarthy was put into the COVID-19 protocol over the weekend after a positive test, and Dunquin took over the role of head coach on Thursday. Five other coaches, including Offensive Line Coach Joe Philbin and Assistant Offensive Line Coach Jeff Brasco, and two players (Terence Steel When Nation Light) I missed the game.

“Adversity wins, ugly wins, but you want to define it, you need to have these wins, especially when you’re playing a team trying to join or run in the playoffs When you reach the second half of the year, “McCarthy said,” This is a great experience for us. Let’s face it. This is the NFL today. You have to be able to win in change. Hmm.”

There have been many changes in the Cowboys.

Quinn is usually in the match coach’s booth, calling for defense, but Thursday was a bystander. Tight end coach Lunda Wells has taken over the responsibility of the offensive line. Aggressive assistant Chase Haslet worked at the tight end. Vice President of Players Will McClay was on the sidelines, as was consultant Ben McAdoo. Assistant head coach Rob Davis wore the headset only after McCarthy came out.

“One of the things I said before was that I love doing difficult things with groups of people. This was one of those moments,” Quinn said. Atlanta FalconsHe was a part of the head coach of the ‘6 season and had a couple of records in the Super Dome. “We got great people to get the job done. We wanted to let Mike and everyone who missed know that we were back. To be honest, that’s all I’m worried about. That was. I didn’t want. To disappoint him. He did a great job of guiding us to the playstyle we wanted, how it would go down. He gave me, but it was just a cool victory. “

Quinn’s defense contributed to four takeouts, all intercepts, including a pick 6 by defensive tackle. Carlos Watkins..Run back Tony Polard In the third quarter, it became a two-scoring game with a 58-yard touchdown run, the longest run in his career, and the longest scoring run ever since. Ezekiel Elliott There was a 60-yard player as a newcomer in 2016.

It was the culmination of a week that the Cowboys were forced to make adjustments on the spot. McCarthy held meetings virtually all week, and on Thursday held regular pre-match meetings over the internet. Players and coaches had to virtually meet and eat at the stars to go before and after the practice leading to the game. Due to the three strength coaches of the COVID protocol, players had no access to the weight room all week and had to train themselves.

“This is one of the weeks when there are no jobs that aren’t your job right now,” Quinn said.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones has prepared an interesting line for Quinn after the match.

“I told him I had won with Tom Landry,” Jones said, referring to the Hall of Fame coach and the Cowboys’ successive victorious leaders. “He can now say he is the head coach of the Cowboys.”

But Quinn will be happy to be back at the coach’s booth for next week’s match against Washington.

“I hope you guys never see me again. I hope I’ll be back on top here by the next match. Mike will make all the progress needed to get him back on the field. People too, “Quin said. “Today I missed a lot from the staff and a few players, so hopefully this hits us to see if we can get back to normal. I’m giving. “

McCarthy said he hopes to get back to the office early next week when he feels much better and posts two negative tests every 24 hours or reaches a 10-day quarantine.

He knows he doesn’t want to see his team play from a distance again.

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Dallas Cowboys Mike McCarthy wins New Orleans Saints’ “great experience” for the team Dallas Cowboys Mike McCarthy wins New Orleans Saints’ “great experience” for the team

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