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Ben Askren UFC President Dana White says he has shown no resistance to admitting exceptions to his contract Jake Paul In a boxing match.

Former Bellator ONE Championship welterweight title holder and UFC 1-2 retired in early 2020, Askren and YouTube star Paul in an eight-round boxing match on April 17, this year. Come back to martial arts to fight.

It’s exciting because Asklen offers a seven-digit payday, forces him to return to his original state after a hip arthroplasty, and most importantly, gives him the opportunity to silence Paul. He said. It’s not a “real fighter”.

Before signing on, Askren, who is still in the UFC contract, had to get permission from the organization. His rocky relationship with White in the past is noteworthy, but he said it wasn’t a problem and the UFC boss didn’t get in the way of him.

“He doesn’t seem to like Jake Paul very much. It seems completely true,” Asklen told MMA Junkie Thursday. “I had a good call. Probably the most heartfelt call Dana and I have ever received …. Both Dana and Hunter (Campbell) were relatively easy. There were no complaints. They’ve almost just signed off. (Promoter) Triller had some annoyance and (they) were looking at different dates so they had to get different dates approved. It was difficult, but everything else was smooth. “

Asklen said he would not participate in the match against Paul with disillusionment. He is the only venture and sticks to his stance of “lacing gloves only once to beat the YouTube star.”

Paul’s opening odds on the matchup list are a small betting favorite. Asklen said he wasn’t too involved in public opinion courts, but asked about his endurance in the fight against Paul, especially given what he knew about his experience through countless trainings. An elite fighter who admits that fighting against is amazing.

“The most annoying thing is to never get frustrated with what people are saying because they know that people on the Internet are so stupid. I learned when Aaron Rodgers said. So, indifferently trying to kill them. In all the sparring I’ve done in my mixed martial arts career, my career in the gym, I’ve been shaken once and it opposed Jorge Masvidal. “Asklen said. “That’s it. I never buckled, clipped, or knocked down. The idea that I’m easy to hit or knock down is ridiculous. I’ve never been knocked down or knocked down throughout my career. Not many fighters have been knocked out and have fought more than 20 times. “

During his short mission in the martial arts scene, Paul made it clear that there were no lines he didn’t want to cross regarding pre-combat accumulation. He has already walked along with Asklen, mentioned his wife many times, and followed her on Instagram.

Asklen said that nothing Paul could do to offend him, and he intends to take it all a step further.

“Have you ever seen me so upset?” Asklen said. “Why did you make him (swear) with you when you realized that someone was just doing something to (swear) with you? That’s as much as it gets. It’s stupid. “

Shortly after the battle was announced, Paul officially predicted a knockout victory within four seconds. This is an attempt to devastate Asklen with the infamous five-second defeat to Masvidal. Asklen returned with the opposite prediction, saying he would beat TKO in the seventh round.

Asklen likes the idea of ​​punishing Paul, he says, telling YouTube stars that there is a big difference in stepping into the ring with someone who has a long history in the martial arts world without a professional boxing fight. Shown.

“It’s probably relatively competitive in the first few rounds until he starts slowing down and I start getting more punch and volume,” Asklen said. “The seventh round is going to give him a TKO, and he hopes he was still a Disney kid star.”

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Dana White grants permission to boxing match Dana White grants permission to boxing match

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