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Logan and Jake Paul

UFC President Dana White is not in the Paul Brothers business.

Jake and Logan Paul have gained considerable fame in the martial arts world, initially through YouTube. 23-year-old Jake Paul has been a hot topic after knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson in the undercard of Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. in November.

With this victory, Paul’s official boxing record is 2-0, 0-1 as a professional boxer, but better than his brother Logan Paul, who is making waves through the martial arts media. After agreeing to fight Floyd Mayweather At an exhibition boxing match.

Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul
Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

So what do UFC President Dana White think about Paul Brothers, and what’s their future? Apparently, it’s far less than many fans whose intelligence has been ridiculed by UFC bosses as much as Paul Brothers’ actual combat skills.

“The answer to that question is who gives (curse),” White said, “when asked about Paul Brothers.shout! Buffalo Podcast on Wednesday. “Neither of those guys can fight. It’s all a big gimmick. As I said at the (recent) press conference, there is a market for it. If people are stupid enough to see it and spend money. (Abusive), I don’t know what to say to you. ”

White continued. “Good luck to them. I don’t care (or couldn’t) that guy very much. Okay. He’s trying to make money and he’s doing his own thing. He spends money on it. Some people want it. I’m not that guy. “

“Amanda Nunes will leave Jake Paul’s coma”

Amanda Nunes
Amanda Nunes (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

With Jake Paul Shop his name around the MMA circle One name that came out for his next boxing opponent is Amanda Nunes. Nunez was interested in boxing poles, but Dana White says the match should never happen because of poles.

“Amanda Nunes knocks out the child,” White said. “Given that man is fighting, he’s like” I’m never going to fight a woman. ” You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t, as she puts you in a coma. That man is a child off the street. One of his big problems right now is the pandemic. He talks about real people, such as the real people you might come across at a restaurant one night. This is not a real man. This is just a few kids on YouTube. “

What do you think of Dana White’s view of Paul Brothers?

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Dana White ridicules Paul and “Dam” fans who pay to see them Dana White ridicules Paul and “Dam” fans who pay to see them

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