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The T8 was known to be courting DeSylvestro as part of its plans to make a third entry into a women-led program during the 2018 Supercars season.

Did the plan come true? The de Silvestro would have replaced Craig Lowndes, who retired with a third T8 car. Dane was a team manager and is expected to have led most of the female crew.

However The transaction eventually failed, T8 shrink to 2 cars in 2019 Decylvestro continued Kelly Racing For another season before Return to Europe in 2020..

Talking about the latest episode of the V8 Sleuth podcast, Dane, now 30% of the T8 team’s owner, explained that a sudden budget shortage two days after the deadline killed the deal.

“Literally, two days are close,” she said when asked how close it was.

“There was a deadline for funding, everything was there, and there was something needed.

“And two days before the deadline, one-third of my budget fell and I couldn’t find that amount in two days.

“I was really tired of it failing.”

Despite his guts at the time, Dane now has a more philosophical view, given how the pair’s situation progressed.

De Sylvestro is currently a factory-backed Porsche GT driver, but Dane has increased ownership of the team, recently learned law and is working on many broadcast projects.

“I hate this saying, but things happen for a reason,” Dane said.

“I remember talking to Simona probably a year later. She said,’If it had progressed, I wouldn’t have been in Porsche and wouldn’t come back. I’m in Europe. I wanted to go back to, but this is my ticket. It’s with a great maker in a good category. “

“And if that was going on, I wouldn’t have a law degree. Who knows where we got there.

“but, [the De Silvestro deal] If it had come to fruition, it would have been really wonderful to show up as an aspiration for the girls. “

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Dane describes De Sylvestro, Triple Eight Near Miss Dane describes De Sylvestro, Triple Eight Near Miss

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