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Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki’s first event of the year ended with a strange knockout shot that led to a title change.

The· KSW 588 saw the main event Saladin Parnas (14-1-1) His featherweight championship Daniel Alejandro (12-4). After studying for a while, the candidates exchanged several shots to test each other’s jaws. Torres showed his long jab and the defending champion retaliated with a partially landed head kick. After a big swing from both candidates, Parnas clipped the challenger with a kick on his body. “Tukanao” looked comfortable on his feet when a French fighter rushed forward and counter-punched.

A minute and a half later, Torres threw an ingenious shot with his triceps and landed completely beside Parnas’ head. The French fighter quickly fell and almost planted his face on the canvas. Parnas seemed to recover quickly from the shoot, but the referee thought the French were over. The official outage took place 109 seconds after the first stanza. It may have come in an unusual way, but Torres claimed a promotional £ 145 championship.

At the joint main event Simon Koretsuki Collision with (9-1) Martin Zawada (29-16-1) In the £ 205 division. Mixed martial arts veteran Zawada cut out Kolekki with a sharper shot, punching him early in the fight. Detecting the danger, the weightlifter who won the Olympic gold medal moved the action to the canvas and worked from the half guard. King Kong continued to suffer from Kolekki’s initiative from behind because he wasn’t looking for a solution to his opponent’s wrestling skills.

In the second stanza, Zawada had some success at his feet, proving that his boxing skills were far superior to his opponents. However, fighters outside Germany could not prevent Kolekki from forcing his will to return the “King Kong” to the canvas. Undoubtedly after dropping the second round to his opponent, Kolekki played safely in the third round, holding down his opponent most of the time, and after a few violent punches landed a few seconds before the end of the contest, Zawada. I didn’t reach the finish. in the end. Kolekki kept his promotional record intact as all three judges gave him a decision.

The first half of the card, Michal Michalski (9-4) Crushing Alexander Lakas (16-8) Elbow from the position of the cross in the first stanza of the 170-pound battle. The referee jumped in to stop the action at the 4:35 mark in Round 1.

Elsewhere Shamil Musayev (14-0) Enough to defeat the former Titan FC welterweight champion Uros Julisic (11-1) Through decisions in welterweight collisions. At the end of the fight, a brawl broke out after Musayev blamed Bellator MMA and Ultimate Fighter 21’s Alum following an official decision. KSW owners and officials have announced that they will consider the case.

In other actions, Michal Andryszak (22-9) Submitted former Ultimate Fighting Championship and Strikeforce veterans Guto Innocente (8-6) Thanks to the arm triangle choke that ended the contest after 4:08 on the second stanza. Pawel Politylo (6-2) did enough to offend David Martinik (4-2) through a unanimous decision at the end of the £ 135 clash. Robert Lucara (5-0) Dominance Daniel Basant (4-2) Before submitting him thanks to the arm bar that came out of nowhere at 3:36 in the third round.

In the first battle of the card Francisco Albano Barrio (8-2) Won his first promotional win after outpointing Bartlomiej Kopera (9-7) Through a light weight unanimous decision.

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Daniel Alejandro drops Saladin Parnas to capture a featherweight belt with KSW58 Daniel Alejandro drops Saladin Parnas to capture a featherweight belt with KSW58

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