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Daniel Bryan recently interviewed Lucha Libre Online to talk about the current NXT brand.

“I definitely don’t think NXT is anymore considered a development area. Which leaves the question: do we have a development area? If NXT is not our development, develop talent Because they need one for. Those guys are great, and I consider NXT to be the third brand in our company. “

“The benefits of coming to the main roster Our global exposure and I think you will be better paid for your family, your future, and all that. So it benefits your talent. It’s good to get to the main roster. “

“I think one of the great things about NXT is that it’s different. It’s not Raw. It’s not SmackDown.”

“Another interesting thing is that they had a great career like you and never came to the main roster. You’re Johnny Gargano or Tommaso Ciampa and just want to stay at NXT. Yes, if you want to be Mr. NXT, and you can do that. “

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Daniel Bryan commented on current NXT brand Daniel Bryan commented on current NXT brand

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