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One of the original taglines for the Ultimate Fighting Championship was “no rules”. We’ve come a long way from those simple times, but we can argue that MMA doesn’t have many rules yet. Given the lack of coercion in the cage when they broke.

Almost every week, watch the fighter grab the cage, kick the crotch, and move the enemy’s eyeballs with his forefoot. And every time ref tells them a tough story at best. Actual loyalty deductions are very rare … or at least usually. At UFC Vegas 41 on Saturday night, the reference deducted three new points from the fighter for breaking the rules.

There was a 2 point deduction from referee Jason Herzog. The first is when Choi Seung-Woo hits Alex Caceres with his big knees facing his face. And in the second of the main event, Paulo Costa ignored Herzog’s finger surveillance request (useful in Portuguese) and caught Marvin Vettori’s eyes.

There were no “2 to 1” transactions where the first foul was free. And to be honest, that’s what it should be at the moment. Fighters are responsible for their weapons and deserve to lose points when their fingers meet their eyes if they extend their hands with their fingers extended.

Of course, we know that it can never be a universally agreed feeling. Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier disagreed, accusing Herzok of looking for an opportunity to punish him for his Fight Week weight loss blame.

“We’ve seen a much more serious eye poke in the fight,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. “I did it myself. I struck more guys than this guy struck Marvin Vettori, but I wasn’t robbed of points. As an official, you can’t read the headlines .. I think Herzog has now read the headline, and he may have misjudged Costa. “

This is an opinion shared by certain Costa fans on social media. They accused Herzog of being part of a plot to ensure the defeat of “Boracina.” The person actually elicited a response from the referee himself:

But in most cases, fans seemed happy to see the fouls produce results.

The event was never perfect. Nick Negmeleanu ended the fight by hitting Ike Villanueva with a few punches behind his head. And in another battle featuring referee Jason Herzog, Mason Jones kneeled on the ground and hit David Onama, but no points were scored.

It’s a difficult task that ref has, and MMA’s scoring system means that deductions of all points play a big role in the outcome of the fight. But why are there rules when I don’t apply them? In a sport where too many gims are dealt, it was nice to see some fouls finally called when it first happened.

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Daniel Cormier Bags Referee for Points Deduction at UFC Vegas 41 Daniel Cormier Bags Referee for Points Deduction at UFC Vegas 41

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