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Last week, the BBC aired a special survey titled “Boxing and Mobs.” The program discussed MTK Global, a boxing promoter and management company that represents Tyson Fury, Carl Frampton, Michael Conlan and Billy Joe Saunders, among many other boxers. MTK also has an MMA division, which includes UFC fighters Darren Till, Mounir Lazzez, Su Mudazi, Dasco Todrovich and Talia Santos.

MTK was founded by Daniel Kinahan, who accused the Irish media, politicians and courts of being the criminal boss responsible for an organization known as the Kinahan Organized Crime Group. KOCG has been accused of being Ireland’s largest drug trafficker operating in Europe, North Africa and Oceania. KOCG has also been reported to be responsible for dozens of gang-grand killings, many of which are related to the ongoing Hatch-Kinahan feud.

Boxing and mobs disputed MTK’s allegations that Kinahan stopped working with the company in 2016. The documentary claimed that Kinahan was the centerpiece of MTK, based on interviews with boxing insiders. Currently one of the most powerful brokers in world boxing.

After the documentary aired It was reported that one of the producers had to move to a safe place with his family. The action taken by the Police Service of Northern Ireland responded to a credible threat to the lives of producers.

Daniel Kinahan has issued a rare official statement claiming to have nothing to do with threats to journalists. Long statement, Released to talkSport It is shown below.

“I have always tried my best to ignore the claims made about myself. I have been devoted to boxing work for over 15 years.

“I started from the bottom and went up. I’m proud to have helped organize a battle for more than a dozen major world titles today. I’m still breaking records. We are involved in planning battles for exciting world titles. We are doing everything we can to provide battle fans around the world with the battles they desire.

“My professional efforts are always directed at boxers, the people who take the ultimate risk.

“I’m Irish. I was born and raised in Dublin. Poor areas with serious levels of poverty, crime and underinvestment. From there, people like me serve the middle and upper classes. Not expected to do anything in their lives. Boxing is a worker-class sport that I have had a lifelong love and passion for.

“I like the sport of boxing, but I didn’t like how the business was done. Many boxers have a similar background to me. I find boxers quite rewarding and use I went into boxing to make sure it wasn’t.

“The boxer has taken his life. It is my mission to ensure that the boxer is financially safe and healthy when he finishes boxing. Remember-boxing money is me and Somehow put there by fans, sponsors, TV companies, not someone else, they put it there to see the fighters. Fighters deserve their fair share.

“I’m sure my success has led to an increase in campaigns against me. I can say almost anything about me and I can guess about me, but it wasn’t challenged and I’m sadly believed I am.

“It was speculated that I threatened the reporter last week. Before addressing any other claims against me, let me clarify this point. I fully respect journalism. I work with journalists. I’ve done it, but I value their role. Journalists need to be free from intimidation and harassment and always be free to work. I threaten reporters and journalists and ask someone to do so. It’s never been. I never have it, and I never do it.

“My concern is that I’m not on the receiving side of fair and credible journalism, especially in the UK and Ireland. The recent BBC panorama program is a good example. This is often unfounded before. It was a rehash of the allegations. It was shamelessly sensational and lacked evidence and critical analysis. They refused to publish the statement I made prior to the program or “Ireland. I questioned the basic claim that the court accepted it … “. The Irish court is a jury-free SCC and undoubtedly accepts the words of police officers. .. It has been criticized by both the United Nations and Amnesty International.

“This latest report follows a long pattern of throwing hints and unfounded accusations at me, and I hope some people will stick with it.

“I can’t make any more clarification about the underlying slander. I’m not part of a criminal organization or conspiracy. I’m not sure. None. Not just in Ireland, but anywhere in the world.

“The media associates my name with a crime that has nothing to do with me. I am not involved in any proceedings, so I cannot challenge this in court. The media knows this, , They refuse to admit it.

“There is no evidence or evidence against me. I reiterated: I have no criminal record anywhere in the world. The media section asks me to disprove my denial. This is impossible, but it is me Indicates that is against.

“People need to ask themselves-if he did what he was accused of, why wasn’t he arrested and prosecuted? No police organization in the world has this information and is part of the media. Why is there no evidence in the section that is believed to actually exist? Why are there only media trials and no criminal trials? There is a simple answer to this. The answer is evidence. Because it’s not true.

“I have a great family. I am blessed to work in the highest level of boxing, which organized some of the biggest fights in boxing in the past and future. I am lucky to have a boxer to work with. I keep working every day to get the most out and take care of it.

“I chose to devote my life to my family and work. I do it in good faith every day. I will continue to choose love and God in the future, as I do now.”

Kinahan is currently believed to live in Dubai.Kinahan is believed to have subsequently moved to the Middle East 2016 Regency Hotel Shooting.. The shooting, which saw the shooter attack the boxing weighing of MTK (then called MGM), resulted in the death of Lieutenant Kinahan’s suspected David Byrne. It is believed that Kinahan himself was the intended target of the attack.

The attack is suspected to have been carried out by the hatch gang in response to the alleged murder of Kinahan, a member of the hatch gang. That hatch-Kinahan’s feud It started in 2015 when Gary Hatch, a former Kinahan companion, was executed by another Kinahan companion.

The hatch was the nephew of Jerry’The Monk’hatch, the leader of the hatch gang. After Jerry Hatch refused to participate in negotiations with Kinahan’s top brass, the tabloids reported that the Kinahan group responded by assassinating other members of the Hatch family.

In 2020 Kinahan sought to increase his visibility in the boxing world. He signed a contract to become an advisor to KHK Sports, owned by the Bahraini royal family (later announced a partnership with MTK). In 2020 Tyson Fury revealedPublicly, Kinahan negotiated his deal to fight Anthony Joshua.

After these incidents, Irish politicians, including then head of state Leo Varadkar, Expressed their anger at Kinahan’s involvement Will it be the biggest battle in British boxing history? Varadkar said broadcasters should boycott the fight and his government contacted UAE responders regarding Kinahan.

Due to public opposition, Fury and KHK have announced they will. No longer works with Kinahan..After that, MTK was Kinahan You will be completely away from boxing.

However, according to his latest statement, Kinahan has no plans to end his involvement in sports.

– MMA Sports

Daniel Kinahan denied the life of a threatening journalist after the BBC reported on MTK and organized crime Daniel Kinahan denied the life of a threatening journalist after the BBC reported on MTK and organized crime

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