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Former Berator Featherweight Champion Daniel Straus It is said that she hit a female victim many times before stabbing her with a “sharp tool”.

Details will be provided via an arrest affidavit filed with the Hollywood (Florida) police obtained by MMA Junkie on Monday.Strauss (26-9 MMA, 12-6 BMMA) Arrested in Florida last Friday And it was charged with a battery that deteriorated with a deadly weapon.

According to the arrest affidavit, Strauss and the female victims have been involved in “intimate on-and-off relationships” with each other for the past three years.

Victims said on January 21 that the two began a text message dispute and Strauss appeared at her workplace to discuss disagreements. The victim then went out and eventually boarded a parked car with the intention of leaving. She said Strauss got into the car through the passenger door and refused to leave at first.

Victims said she left the car and Strauss continued, at which point the debate escalated. Strauss was then alleged to have pushed the victim back, and she pushed him back. Later, when she returned to the car and tried to leave, the victim said, “I was hit by the defendant many times and fell to the ground.”

Victims said Strauss got into the car and fled the scene. When the victim returned to the car and drove the car, Strauss repeatedly called him to be in his apartment. Rather than seeing him there, the victim worried that his property could be destroyed, and instead went to Strauss’s residence in the hope of getting the spare key she gave him. I went by car.

Upon entering Strauss’s residence, the victim claimed to have Strauss return the key. At some point, she later physically pushed her out of the door after Strauss told her, “You don’t know me, I stab you.” The victim said, “You are big and bad, what do you do? Do you stab me?”
At that point, the victim claimed that Strauss reached behind him and stabbed her in the abdomen with a sharp instrument. According to police reports, the victim “could not explain the cutting device” due to the speed of the sequence.

Victims said Strauss followed her a few steps when she tried to leave before returning to his residence. She then turned to her neighbors for help. A nearby hospital took her to a local hospital, where she “sewed a few stitches to close the puncture wound,” her statement said.

The arrest affidavit stated that in addition to the puncture wound, the victim also suffered a “major bruise on his right eye.”

According to the affidavit, the victim initially did not want to make a statement to the corresponding detective, but eventually said he would fully cooperate with the state law firm. In addition, the victim said, “I am completely afraid of the accused and feel that if he is not arrested, he will come after her and do more harm to her by notifying the police.” ..

As of Monday, Strauss is currently in prison for $ 100,000, according to Sun-Sentinel in South Florida.

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Daniel Straus allegedly stabbed a female victim in the abdomen Daniel Straus allegedly stabbed a female victim in the abdomen

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