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Sonya Devil is set to return her WWE ring during the next Friday’s Supersize SmackDown episode at FS1.

As we pointed out, Naomi has been feuding with the Devil for the past few weeks, complaining that Devil hasn’t booked her to wrestle with SmackDown, and showing Devil’s attitude towards her. .. Devil continues to tell Naomi that she will book her next week, and that never happens, but also tells her that she is not worth booking.

The feud continued tonight when Naomi asked why she wasn’t booked for the first Queen’s Crown tournament. Devil said Naomi wasn’t worth being a queen and not even on the SmackDown roster. They had words until Devil said Naomi would play next week and then revealed that he was an opponent.

“It’s on,” Naomi said as she walked away.

Devil later tweeted about his return and wrote, “I hope everyone is ready.”

Naomi said, “IT’S OOOOOOON! [green heart emoji x 7]”

This will be Devil’s first match since losing the No DQ Loser Leaves WWE match against Mandy Rose at Summer Slam 2020. She then took a break and returned in January of this year to act as an on-screen authority with Adam Pearce.

The first report in June of this year was how Devil was training to return to the ring, and at some point she was planning a bank ladder match women’s money, which is clear. It didn’t happen. WWE sources expect the devil to return to the ring as soon as it’s ready, and people at the company have learned about how the devil treated himself in the past year and how she did a new job. It was reported that he had made an “enthusiastic review”. The role of authority. WWE was also said to have wanted to bring the devil back to the ring in the 37th season of WrestleMania earlier this year, but they continued to delay their return for some reason.

Stay tuned for devil status and details of next week’s match. Below are some related shots from the premiere episode of the SmackDown season tonight.

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Daria Berenato wrestling next week Daria Berenato wrestling next week

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