Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX + Review (Switch eShop)

Editor’s Note: G-Darius HD and Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX + are currently available separately at the Switch eShop in Japan, but are also part of the Darius Cozmic Revelation physical package. Click here for a guide on how to download games from Japanese e-shops. Click here for a guide on where to buy e-shop credits in Japan.

If possessed, hit your swimming goggles, plunge your head into a huge aquarium full of carp, and use straw to shoot wasabi beans at the inhabitants. Alternatively, you can prevent confusion and reduce the chances of a visit from RSPCA by sending your piggy bank to a Nintendo eShop and asking them to empty it in exchange for the next round. Darius game. 4180 yen (about 28 pounds / 40 dollars), the same price as the sister release G-Darius HD, You may be arguing whether to pick up Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX + Or just wait for the next physical combination Darius Cozmic Revelation.. Before making a decision, let’s take a little history lesson.

Darius Burst It came out of deep blue in 2009 for the PlayStation Portable. Redesigned a year later Darius Burst: Another Chronicle, Dual screen arcade “taikan” with flashing lights and rugged seats. The arcade release Chronicle Mode is a true galaxy of 3000 placed stages updated via the netlink, challenging arcade patrons to free the star system from the hordes of Bellesall.

Then came Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX, A revised edition featuring a 12-step campaign equipped by new experts. PS Vita, PS4, Steam in 2015 Darius Burst: Chronicle SaversIncludes all the content of the arcade and a new Chronicle Saver mode optimized for TV displays. Its 186 condition-based stage variations offered unlockable music tracks and special ship types.

Currently, Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX + bundles everything so far, but replaces Chronicle Savers mode with Event mode: Zuntata’s Shohei Tsuchiya’s 21 stages originally appeared in the arcade for a limited time. It features new music.

With original, EX, chronicle and event mode options, this is a package with enough content to see you until old age. The new Burst Cannon – a screenspun laser that can be consumed with a powerful blast or detached from the craft with a double tap of a button – reinvents the conventions of the series. When removed, you can rotate the laser on an invisible axis that is close to the movement of your ship and then lock it to your chosen position. The magic of this system is that you can lock the blade diagonally and camp behind it to use it as a shield to block enemy attacks. The laser gauge does not diminish as quickly as when mounted on a ship, and is replenished as it absorbs incoming weapons and asteroid showers. This provides long-term protection during stages and boss battles. If it is gone, it will be recharged as soon as you shoot down the enemy.

Burst Cannon’s multifunctional utility makes Darius Burst special. It takes a while to understand, but once you understand its diversity, it brings new life to the series. Yes, it generally makes things easier than previous titles, but I understand how to create a laser bridge that moves over giant mecha isopods and believe that it can be removed and retracted exactly. It’s an incredibly fun tool. It can also be used in G-Darius style beam duels. When the boss begins to charge the cannon, place yourself in front of the boss and fire a laser to lock the horn.

There are usually several opportunities in combat, but starting a duel with Darius Burst is more difficult than G-Darius. However, when pulled out, a small ship is suddenly tied up with a laser that corresponds to the god of death, tearing through the glowing death across the screen and destroying the health of the enemy. To confuse things, choose nine Silverhawk ships with different attributes, including the Gaiden Silverhawk with a black hole bomb and the powerful Murakumo ship (formerly for Chronicle Saber) with optional formations and modifications. You can burst cannon.

The Darius Burst soundtrack is one of the highlights of the series and is a great admiration given the quality of its pioneers. Here, Taito’s in-house Zuntata band created an airy auditory wonder. A memorable and dramatic composition infused with traditional Japanese instruments, samples of sea creatures, and heavy industrial tones. From the exciting expression of Darius’s dark marine space theater to the war-like adrenaline-inducing drums ringing behind the deafening warning Claxon, it’s a model of sound design that enhances the game.

A wide slice of screen that mimics the dual display of an arcade is a panoramic ticket to the ocean-themed space, where the enemy biomechanical Berser army cultivates a wave of fish feed. Dimensionally, your craft is much smaller than the G-Darius and the play area feels wider. This allows bosses to command the screen in epic battles in their mouths, from Teleport of Demenigis to Ryugu no Kai on serpentine. Burst cannons help provide defensive covers, but you still need witty ability to see them in a rattling, fiery explosion of teeth. The Darius Burst “Great Thing” showdown is one of the most spectacular confrontations in the game. When a giant iron sperm whale burns the screen vividly with giant lasers, missiles, and bullets, the music beats to the rhythm of palpitation. It spreads.

Sadly, the good news ends there. Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX + is the most beautiful game ever, but it’s disappointing because the ports themselves are very minimal compared to the M2’s feature-rich collection and G-Darius HD. There is no choice but to do it.

With online rankings, replays, and ghost ship data capabilities, you can download your own data and data from the world’s top rankers to improve your score. The new stage in event mode is certainly great, but it’s just a reposition of the previous stage. Since the first appearance of Darius Burst, it has been done countless times in various modes. Not worthy of criticism for their being there-they are great for series fans to play in the end-but you have to ask why there isn’t the only Chronicle Saber mode suitable for handhelds. .. Without it, you only have a condensed dual-screen panorama and no options to adjust like the M2. Darius Cozmic Collection.. If you try to play any mode that is portable, you will get bust. It’s too small. I’m suffering like PS Vita. That’s why Chronicle Saviors was developed to work with that system.

It leaves you only a docking mode for a truly viable experience. And to be fair, the Darius Burst comes back to life when the lights are turned off, the volume is set to awaken the neighbor, and you have a TV real estate slab large enough to be drawn into the world. It’s a game.But ideally, a 50-inch screen would be minimum Here, you need to get closer and closer as the set size decreases.

There are no screen configuration options anywhere. Taito didn’t bother to add wallpaper. That is, the letterbox bezel is permanently black. The label on the start prompt for the “B” button on the title screen is incorrect, and there seems to be a minor issue with the referral menu. I used a 55-inch TV for the review, but the various pre-game screens that display the boss’s data and text are slightly distorted, with a striped panel with horizontal lines in the background. However, the game itself does not seem to be a problem.


So why not buy a Darius Burst switch port? Playing portable is redundant in nature, but there’s a new event mode stage-or buy a Steam release of Chronicle Saviours with 186 original stage variations? Event mode 21, Easter egg host and some neat DLC. Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX + is a great title, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s just cannibalizing with endless re-releases and content composition. If you’re purely scoring the quality of the game and the amount of fun you get from the game, and assuming you’re a shooter enthusiast who loves the series, you can add points to your scoreline. But for now, it’s a bit like buying a deluxe sushi box and finding out that someone ate the two California rolls behind the label.

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