Dark Souls and Tetris meet at the action-packed Route River

If you say that the upcoming game is “The Encounter of Dark Souls and Tetris,” you’ll probably shook your head sadly and say, “The game journalist is back.” But that’s literally how Slovak developer describes Loot River, a upcoming PC game that blends Tetris blockshift space management with heavy real-time combat.

Loot River is an “island-changing action roguelike” that casts you as a plague doctor’s mask warrior who has the power to move floor masses in dungeons crawling with terrifying monsters. You can use magical relics to move through floating parts of the ruins to solve puzzles and mash enemies into fine pastes. The island movement mechanism also works in combat as it allows you to move on the floor on which you are standing to fend off enemy attacks.

“We are deeply interested in games that focus on transforming the world because it is a powerful mechanism that is rarely used in games,” said Mirostraka, the developer of Root River. This is clear from Straka’s other games, Euclidan Lands and Euclidan Skies. These games focused on shifting levels around the character to create paths.

The trailer for Loot Shinagawa is as follows:

The style of pixel art is gorgeous, and promises fluid animation, the ability to unlock and discover lots of items and some sneaky boss fights. The trailer has an overwhelming and exciting feel, and it’s clear that shifting the floor tiles to a Tetris look can deal with threats from the enemy.

The release date for Loot River hasn’t been set yet, but you can simply check the Steam page and click these links to see a list of the best indie games on your PC.

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