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A 19th-century ball player, Dasher Troy, had little career in the big leagues. He played 292 games over five seasons with a .243 / .274 / .327 slash line. He played a long time ago, but there is no real picture of him, just a picture of his hair and mustache.But he

A 19th-century ball player, Dasher Troy, had little career in the big leagues. He played 292 games over five seasons with a .243 / .274 / .327 slash line.He played long ago, so there is no actual photo of him, only his painting Freshly made Hair and mustache.

But he told one heroic and absolutely ridiculous story from a minor. It’s a comedy movie rather than baseball. His name is Dasher, so the holiday season felt like the best time to tell it.

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That year was 1888, when the Nakafielder Troy was playing for a Trojan horse of the same name. He had a tough season on the plate, and he told his manager Ted Sullivan why.

“Dasher complained to me that his batting had fallen,” Sullivan wrote. The Washington Times.. “He said he noticed after stopping the beer.”

You see, Troy promised Sullivan to refrain from drinking during the baseball season. That wasn’t the problem, Sullivan just didn’t like his player indulging in the night before the match.

“The little beer Troy drank didn’t hurt him,” says Sullivan. “But at that time in my life, I have to confess that I was a bit narrow and prejudiced against the players who drank.”

But during the tight match of the year, Sullivan made an exception. Not only before and after the game During ~ 1.

The Trojan made three rundowns at the bottom of the ninth round and was loaded with nobody at the base. Troy was third in the innings, and the team had little belief that the first two batters would accomplish anything. Troy goes to the manager and A miserable question in a miserable moment..

“Ted, go under the stand and have a big beer. Clean up the base.”

Quite a statement. But given what he had heard from Troy earlier, the manager threw his principles out the window and tolerated-allowing Troy to step into the stand for a drink. Sure enough, the first two batters came back with a trojan in time for the turn at bat and wiped the fresh foam off their lips.And in a straight line from the movie Beer Festa, Troy turned to Sullivan as he was heading to the plate:

“Old Dash is also himself.”

When he entered the box, his confidence was high and Troy called on the pitcher, “Come to my old radibag, you came down pretty cheap.”

And, as you can read in the same Washington Times article, Troy did exactly what he promised.

After that match, Sullivan never stopped Troy from drinking beer.

When Troy retired, he continued to pursue his love for golden liquor. A native New Yorker ran a beer stand in Polo Grounds. Fans sometimes “They paid more attention to the Dasher Troy Emporium than the game.” Eventually he opened bars in the old neighborhoods of West 39th Street and 10th Avenue. He was a bartender for 30 years before moving to Queens with his wife and living to the age of 81.

Maybe next year, instead of reading Christmas eve with my family, I can read this.

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Dasher Troy’s Goodbye Beer | Dasher Troy’s Goodbye Beer |

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