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The data-mined World of Warcraft movie sheds light on Sylvanas and makes fun of the important storyline of the controversial villain.

There may be spoilers first.

As Wowhead reports, the film shows Sylvanas suffering from difficult choices that suggest potential redemption of veteran Warcraft villains.

The film begins with a prison officer ordering Sylvanas to turn the prisoner of war Anduin into the dark side, recreating what looks like Varian Urin’s weapon, Sharamine.

Sylvanas approaches Undoin and gives him a choice: willing to join or be forced into the cause of the bad guys. Anduin, who points out that this is completely unselectable, finds it “a never-before-seen choice.”

“Despite all the spectacular designs, there are still fragments of your death that plague you, as if the Queen of Banshee hadn’t completely surpassed General Ranger,” Undoin said. I will.

Then, “I understand why you brought me here. Why did you try so hard to persuade me? If you can let go of hope for me, you will finally do so. Because you can. “

Reflecting Warcraft’s famous Artha in the pose of Frost Morne, Sylvanas points his sword at Anduin. But she is shaking. “I’m not so depressed right now,” she says. “So why do you hesitate?” Anduin replies. “Make your choice, Sylvanus Windrunner.”

That is the end of the movie. Can Sylvanas be in the Redemption Ark? Or will she drive Undoin into a cause? What’s next is now a hot topic within the World of Warcraft community, questioning developer Blizzard’s decisions for some time regarding Sylvanas’ story and character development.

Think of 2018 when Sylvanas caused a genocide rampage in World of Warcraft, causing hordes to split. Some fans felt that Blizzard had turned yet another horde of leaders into a great villain in Warcraft. After that, I talked to Blizzard about the character’s master plan. “There’s a lot unspoken in the story of Sylvanas,” said creative director Alex Afrasiabi.

Two years later, we still don’t know what the end of Sylvanas will be. Shadowlands began with the player chasing her through the veil into the posthumous world. Sylvanas has many war crimes under her belt. If redemption occurs, can you believe it?


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