Dataminers Discover Unused Character Voice Clips in Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity

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If you wanted Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster You’ll receive some additional content over time, but you may have been lucky. After all it is Koei Tecmo Musou ☆ Stars.

Following a talk in October about a data miner that could reveal the entire cast of characters playable in the new Hyrule Warriors game, the newly discovered voice line also suggests what’s to come. It may be.

Warning: There is a possibility of spoilers …

According to Gaming Reinvented, the audio line for Nintendo’s latest release, “All Playable Characters,” has been ripped, with some unused. This could lead to content remaining or something like DLC or free updates in the future.

Additional voice lines are for Astor, Suga, Pla, and Lobby, and many characters call on these characters on the battlefield. You can listen here. Notably, none of these characters were listed in previous character data mining.

Nintendo hasn’t said anything about DLC yet.Again, this is the Koei Tecmo game we are talking about and is original Hyrule Warriors Many new playable characters have also appeared in the Wii U game.

Want to see Astor, Sooga, Purah and Robbie join the playable character roster? Share your thoughts below.

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