Dating with John Wilson is a real masterpiece you can see right now

As always, we started by investigating Polygon staff to find out what people were looking at. Whether they’re at the pinnacle of the latest cultural controversy over the virally popular Netflix series, or discovering anime gems ahead of the latest season, educate themselves with old genre classics. ..

And as always, the answers are wide-ranging, with some checking out new and popular streaming services and others returning to their past favorites. Here are some of the things we enjoy now and what you enjoy watching.

How-to with John Wilson

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

John Wilson grew up with a camera in his hand, but he grew up with a documentary eye in the mundane world of private detectives. As he says, he screened hours of boring PI footage and honed his attention to detail in the hope of finding criminal evidence. He puts his observation skills into a staggering, guffy use at his new HBO show. How-to with John Wilson.. Well, uh, it was an immediate polygon reaction when I mentioned it in this week’s summary, including non-fiction comedy.

Sagging crazy about John Wilson

Image: Polygon

Six episodes about New York City and the biggest TV show ever (Apology to Seinfeld), Method He walks around with his video camera and chases him while trying to explain and understand his life. The episodes include “How to Tell a Little Story,” “How to Improve Your Memory,” “How to Cover Furniture,” and “How to Make a Perfect Risotto,” but each study is eccentric and heartwarming. The entrance to strange things. .. There isn’t a small voice in his head that tells most people to protect himself, so John stands up to perfect the stranger and tells them what’s in his heart. An Italian mechanic invites him to his home to prepare the “perfect” recipe for risotto. A hangover party cornered on MTV’s Spring Break confesses his feelings about his recently deceased best friend. The inventor of the plastic strap-on foreskin replacement whips it to a completely stranger, John, to show how the device terraforms the penis.

During the character’s moments, John himself composes poems from random footage for hours, hours, hours and hours. Shop signs, couples caught in the street, mice crawling from the subway trash can, spinning until the fallen car stops, a bag of bread hanging in the subway — all insert shots swirl together as their own universe, John This is Karl Sagan.

Nathan Fielder is a producer Method, And like his show Nathan for you, Each episode balances the truth of comedy and documentary mined from real life. Although John rarely teaches “how-tos,” his quest is meticulously constructed with playful edits and abstractions that are more difficult to identify with prejudiced storytelling. Reveal your emotions. As the episode progresses, the production timeline approaches the current pandemic-stricken society, turning the show into both a normal elegy and a hope for: The good news is that no matter what happens, John is basically a terminator. There is nothing to stop his camera.So when I say, I speak for all the enthusiastic polygoners who are currently losing their hearts for the show: we look forward to getting more done. Method In the next few years. — —Matt patch

How to get along with John Wilson Streaming HBO And HBO Max..

And everything else we see …

The happiest season

The happiest seasonal family

Image: Hulu

saw The happiest season On a long weekend. The Holiday movie follows a fairly set formula that doesn’t allow a lot of deviations, which could be enhanced in itself thanks to a really nice cast with great chemistry. It seemed that no one was calling, and there was an atmosphere that it was really fun to work on the project together. If you’re looking for light popcorn fun in December, give it a try. — —Russ Frushtick

The happiest season Streaming Hulu..

Hellraiser and Broadcast News

Hellraiser: Pinhead and his Senobite stand in front of the blinds

Albert Brooks and Holly Hunter in the Broadcast News newsroom

Image: Image Entertainment, Criterion Collection

Saturday was a rainy day in Texas and was a great opportunity to catch up with “an important movie I’ve never seen before.” In the act of peak laziness, I went with two of the first films surfaced by streaming algorithms. Both debuted in 1987, but that’s all they have in common. Naturally, I made it a dual feature anyway: Hellraiser And Broadcast news..

When I was a kid, I was indignant at the Hellraiser poster, the image of a white powder pinhead with a pin on my head. I thought Pinhead was an adversary and would appear in the scariest part of the movie. How wrong I was. Clive Barker unlocks a box full of BDSM demons that tears his body into a few inches of flesh and organs, and Frank’s lover Claire kills an amorous man and gives blood to Frank’s wreckage. I broke the story. He may gradually re-grow his human form. Gross! It’s not fun! And I can’t stop thinking about it!

To clear my mind, I switched to Broadcast news, James L. Brooks’ best movie and top 5 romance movies (not to mention comedies with the Criterion Collection approval stamp) were described to me. Reader, if you see 2 hours of body horror and think you need something anything To help you get together, I’m having a hard time thinking of a safer and more attractive movie. How do you defeat the love triangle starring your mom? Mr.IncredibleDad from Finding Nemo, And general from 2008 adaptation The Incredible Hulk.. Do they do so? Aren’t they? Is it even important as long as they climb in their careers? — —Chris Plante

Hellraiser And Broadcast news Streaming Amazon Prime..

crown, Season 1

Queen of Crown Season 1

Image: Netflix

While everyone else is watching the 4th season crown, I started watching first. I like to be part of something, so I immediately considered jumping into the fourth season. Everyone else is doing it! — But it’s good to start from the early days of Queen Elizabeth. Netflix’s Royals drama is a great TV show, but I’m really here with a fountain pen. I have only 4 episodes, And I have already identified and cataloged eight different fountain pens!! It dominates. — —Nicole Carpenter

crown Streaming Netflix..

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in Blue Uniform Cisco

Image: CBS

A few years ago, every one I knew was watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine I made a podcast about it, so I did only natural things.I started to look mean Star Trek: Next Generation..

It took several years to finish episode 178, which ended last winter. And now nowAfter years of gentle begging from all my friends about Quark and Odo, Baseball and Trill’s Symbiont, and Twinkie’s doctor with his lizard’s boyfriend, I finally started watching. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.. — —Susana Polo

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Streaming Netflix And CBS all access..


Inheritance 106-Roman and Kendal at the restaurant table

Peter Kramer / HBO

that is Inheritance Season again.After finishing Season 4 of crown (Sorry, Nicole), I’ve been waiting for another show about the unruly wealthy people with terrible children of some dynasty. Inheritance That show. And, as I pointed out back in 2018, Inheritance The cold, gray, short days of November are best. The sun begins to set at 3 pm this afternoon! By 4 o’clock as dark as Logan Roy’s soul. — —Simone de Rochefort

Inheritance Streaming HBO Max..

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin emit a beam as they pass through a bunch of photographers on their way to the Trial of the Chicago 7 Trial.

Photo: Netflix

I’m a little skeptical about everything about Aaron Sorkin, especially when Aaron Sorkin draws from real history and translates it into a capitalized T theme that’s completely surrounded by bunter.But in 5 minutes The Trial of the Chicago 7, I was crazy about it. The pace is very fast and absorbent, and humor is there from the beginning, informing viewers that they want more entertainment than education. The story of the 1969 trial of a group of heterogeneous and unrelated protesters involved in the riots of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago is made straight for the treatment of Sorkin: Abbie Hoffman (Sacha Baron Cohen), Jerry Rubin (Jeremy Strong), Bobby Seale (WatchmenYahya Abdul Matine II), and William Kunsler (Spy bridge‘Mark Rylance) already felt symbolic in real life, even before the tremendously oversized legitimate Shenanigan of the trial began.

This was so much fun and full of surprises that I had to add it to the best movies on the Netflix list. Like everything in Sorkin, the truth needs freedom. It’s not a movie to watch instead of reading history, but it complements that history and is taken up as a comment on the modern judicial system. How the media and law enforcement agencies still deal with peaceful protesters today, as if Sawkin managed to write and direct the film this year in response to the Black Lives Matter uprising. I feel suspicious and timely. — Tasha Robinson

The Trial of the Chicago 7 Streaming Netflix..

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