Dauntless discusses Hunting Grounds playtesting and transitioning character progress in Reforged update

Dauntless The next update is called Reforged to change the way the character progresses and replace patrol and tracking with a more open-ended hunting ground hunt type. To anticipate discussions within the gaming community, developers have posted quite a few posts on Reddit to elaborate on a few things.

First, there is a State of Dauntless post. It explains how the new experimental test server helped Phoenix Labs collect player feedback and improve the hunting ground. Primarily, it receives feedback posts, analyzes telemetry, and watches Discord live streams from players to absorb reactions. When it comes to data, developers are finding that players are more enjoying the mode with each successive test build. Small touches like roaming animals and gliders are also attracting their attention.

“When a player reacts visceral to gliding around the island and clearly enjoys the experience, it really gives us the confidence that we are on the right track. The player gets bored. If you get confused or confused, it’s clear that there are some things to do in those areas. “

In the second post, the developers explained how Reforged’s new progression system would be taken over for those who are already at a very high level of gear and slayer progress. In summary, players are given the materials they need to bring their existing equipment to their current power level, but players who break into an existing mastery system see themselves at similar points in the progress of the new Slayers Pass. can do. Also, for Slayers Pass, unlocking a node costs Rams, but the cost is still dialed in as well as Ram’s reward for completing quests and hunts.

More details on these systems are expected in future posts, but the second State of Dauntless post will soon discuss further progress and solo cues. For now, there’s a lot to read.

Dauntless discusses Hunting Grounds playtests and migrating character progress with Reforged update

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