Dauntless Reforged adds new content, progress and open worlds

Dauntless Is a free-to-play co-op beast hunting game released in 2019. Currently, the developer Phoenix Labs is releasing the biggest update to the game. Dauntless Reforged Go back to improve the core functionality of the game and iterate. The update will be released on December 3rd.

Hunting ground: Hunting Grounds is a new type of hunt that aims to be infinitely repeatable and playable without being procedurally generated.To Dauntless, Players choose to hunt, stop at the island, hunt beasts, and go home with good loot. Players can now explore 18 islands, looking for flora and fauna and treasures.

Of course, these hunts are full of big behemoths in the game, so you have to undertake them to get everything you need. Once the player defeats the Behemoth, they will not return to Ramsgate. Instead, the hunter can stay on the island and continue exploring. This is what you can expect from an open world game, rather than hunting and fighting a single behemoth.

Slayer Road: Dauntless The player’s progress follows the new Slayer’s pass system. The path branches. This means players will have to make choices as they level up and fight more behemoths. Do you want to be a potion master or do you really want to focus on your long range skills? Players can strengthen themselves by preparing for battle and creating equipment, and can become stronger in battle. Players can also use power surges to upgrade their gear and powerful weapons, and even permanently upgrade beyond their normal stat capacity.

glider: To Dauntless, Players are accustomed to running around trying to hunt targets. You can now fly in the sky with a glider, greatly improving both maneuverability and visibility.

Dauntless Reforged It also starts with the Cold Front Hunt Pass, which is a battle pass with two tracks. Both trucks are packed with Frostwarden-themed items suitable for chilly weather. Elite trucks that can be purchased for a fee include two armor sets.

Dauntless Available on the console and at the Epic Games Store. Reforging It will be released on December 3rd and will be added to the game for free.

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