Dauntless Reforged: Three New Things to Do on a Shattered Island

Dauntless Reforged Launched December 3rd, it includes significant improvements to the previous system and the introduction of a new hunt type. When this update is released on Xbox One, there are three new things you can experience on Shattered Isles.

Hunting ground

Hunting Grounds Hunt types offer a whole new way to engage shattered islands. 18 new islands support up to 6 slayers at a time. You don’t have to leave anymore! Stay to your heart’s content and kill. With 18 islands to explore, you will never find a boring moment. Face hostile animals, unlock rewards and take on ferocious beasts to your heart’s content.

Since you can spend more time on hunting ground islands than previous hunt types, we’ve also added the ability to seamlessly replenish the islands with supplies via a new consumable source, the supply crate. Supply boxes allow you to refresh consumables, heal you and your teammates, and change loadouts on the fly.

Did you say you can fly now? Glider adds new traversal options, allowing players to take them to the sky to navigate these large islands. After reaching the third milestone, you can unlock the glider from the Slayers Pass. Here you can also unlock additional frames for mobility and range. Expect some colorful ways to personalize your glider right away …

Slayer Road

Phoenix Lab has overhauled its core progression system Dauntless To give players more agencies than their favorite playstyles and combat preferences. Dauntless Reforged reduces the focus on gearcraft and captures most of the player’s progress in Slayer’s Path. Slayers opens up a legend with this new branching system.


The Slayers path consists of a central main path and various side paths that branch off from it. The main pass will help you on your journey from a new slayer to a veteran slayer. The forked sidepass unlocks new activities and provides Slayer with a variety of unique bonuses. The timing and content of unlocking is entirely up to you. Look around to find the best path for your playstyle.

Gear progression

Creating and upgrading gear has never been easier.When Dauntless Reforged, Players upgrade their weapon skills and upgrade their weapons by soaring their equipment.

Hunt and kill behemoths to level up each weapon skill from level 1 to level 20. Once the weapon’s skill reaches level 20, players will be able to re-forge the skill and reset it to level 1. This action gives the player an ether heart. This heart can be used for power surges in any device, significantly and permanently increasing its power.


Use your ethereal mind wisely to create the perfect set of behemoth-destroying gear for your slayer.

Join the hunt

Hunting ground on December 3, 2020 Dauntless Reforged Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.


Xbox Live


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As a slayer, you are all that stands between your world and the Behemoth who seeks to devour it. Challenge boss-sized monsters, build powerful weapons, and build armor from killed creatures. All of this is done in a large, free online world.

Dauntless Reforged: Three New Things to Do in the Shattered Isles

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