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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sent millions of users from the messaging platform WhatsApp to competitors such as Signal and Telegram on January 7, 2021 in a single tweet. All three platforms use end-to-end encryption, but there has been growing concern about WhatsApp these days. After updating the Terms of Service, users are concerned that their personal data is at risk. But is WhatsApp really insecure? Dave Antrobus, Technology Director and Co-Founder of Fresh Thinking Group, said that the top three messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal) all offer messaging and security features that can meet your needs. It’s important to understand the different features before deciding which platform is best for your needs.

Of the three, WhatsApp remains the largest, with over 2 billion monthly active users. Telegram is the second closest competitor, with over 400 million monthly active users, Signal is the third most active, and up to 20 million monthly active users.

Below is a comparison of the three messaging apps and how they stack up in terms of functionality and security.


Dave Antrobus, technology director and co-founder of the Fresh Thinking Group, says WhatsApp has become so popular around the world with built-in features such as group chat support for up to 256 members. WhatsApp allows users to send messages to multiple contacts at the same time, and users like the features of both voice and video calls. WhatsApp also allows group video calls for up to 8 users. Through the WhatsApp status feature, users can provide status updates that play automatically and disappear after 24 hours, similar to Instagram stories.

File and document sharing is also well supported on WhatsApp. Using the app’s features, WhatsApp users can send up to 16 MB of photos, videos, audio files, and up to 100 MB of documents. When users save a file to Google Drive, they can share a much larger file via WhatsApp via a link. Traveling users can also turn on WhatsApp’s location sharing feature. This feature can be turned on or off at will, letting others know where you are in real time.

Also, WhatsApp users don’t have to worry about messages occupying valuable storage space on the device. The messaging app provides free automatic backups and restores functionality via Google Drive and iCloud.

In recent debates over WhatsApp, special attention was paid to the security features of the app, but Dave Antrobus said that messaging apps use the same system that Signal uses for all messages and voice calls. , Provides end-to-end encryption for video calls and photos — Open Whisper System. However, WhatsApp does not provide backup encryption, nor does it encrypt the app’s metadata, which provides important information about message timing and length.

WhatsApp has been criticized not only for updated terms of use that allow other Facebook-owned companies to access the data, but also for a security breach when group chat was indexed on Google. (This issue has since been resolved).


Two things that make Telegram stand out are speed and size. Telegram takes pride in delivering messages fast, and unlike WhatsApp, there are no restrictions on media and chat size. In addition, Telegram’s messaging platform allows users to go far beyond whatsApp’s 256-member limit. This app allows groups of up to 200,000 people. Telegram has also added a number of features aimed at increasing the value of your app’s entertainment, including voting, quizzes, bots, and sticker sets. All of this helps make chat more game-like fun.

Users can enjoy both voice and video calls on Telegram and have a self-destructing message feature that ensures that sensitive content from both senders and recipients disappears.

Telegram only provides end-to-end encryption via secret chat capabilities, but adds that the app has never shared data with third parties or government agencies.


Elon Musk didn’t keep secret that his favorite messaging app was Signal. His simple tweet, “Use Signal,” flooded the app with millions of users. While Signal provides many of the messaging features of other apps, including voice and video calls, grouping, and self-destructive messages, Dave Antrobus ensures privacy in a variety of ways. Users love it because it can. .. All text, video, audio and photo messages are protected by the app’s end-to-end encryption. In addition, Signal does not store user data, and on-screen privacy features include blank pop-ups, locks, and face-blurring tools.

In addition, users can relay voice calls to Signal’s servers to hide their identities, similar to VPNs. It has many security features, but Signal’s fun features are even more limited. But don’t be afraid, says Antrobus. There are still stickers and emojis.

About Dave Trolleybus

Dave Antrobus is a technology specialist who develops software and web platforms in numerous markets for growing companies. Dave has led and guided the team in choosing a wide range of technical solutions, from software development and digital marketing projects to graphic design.

Dave is a co-founder and technology director of the independent capital investment organization Fresh Thinking Group, which employs development strategies to strengthen the businesses of struggling, start-up and growth companies. .. The Global Investment Group encourages effective collaboration within sector-specific companies to drive optimal business outcomes. With the numerous technology platforms at the heart of this collaboration, Dave’s bespoke system and unmatched technical knowledge are invaluable to the services of the Fresh Thinking Group.

At the forefront of the Fresh Thinking Group’s technology companies, Dave uses Laravel, a programming framework built using the PHP language, to build and optimize websites and apps to grow demand and support. Great for sites. Vuejs is a front-end progressive JavaScript framework that’s perfect for application-like sites. Reactjs, a JavaScript library, is also great for creating iOS and Android smartphone apps and websites. Dave also manages Amazon cloud hosting, WordPress site, and server technology for the acquisition of Fresh Thinking Group.

Dave leads the Fresh Thinking Group on a mission to support businesses through acquisition and growth journeys. As a co-founder, he is at the center of research and development to drive the group’s progressive growth, contact stakeholders, provide capital injections, and foster business for prosperous companies. Dave will also use his technical insights on promising business platforms to help each fresh thinking company maximize visibility and growth.

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Dave Antrobus Discusses the Top 3 Messaging Apps

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