Dave Bautista says he turned down at Fast & Furious to market the Gears of War movie

It’s no secret that actor Dave Bautista really wants to play Marcus Phoenix in the Gears of War movie, but it may not be entirely clear how terrible he wants to be. In an interview with Collider, Bautista said he declined Universal’s offer to play a role in Fast & The Furious films to facilitate adaptation to Gears of War.

“I don’t pretend to be about it. I had the opportunity to hold a meeting at WB, they were talking to me about this and it, and I said,” Hey, let’s talk about Bain. ” Told. It happened to me again in my career.They wanted to tell me about Fast the Furious, and I said, “I’m not interested, let’s talk.” [Gears of War character] Marcus Phoenix. “

Bautista later added that he thought Universal was “a little postponed,” but he didn’t regret taking the shot.

“I’m not going to offend anyone,” Bautista said. “I haven’t put anything else, I’m just saying [Gears] It’s much more interesting to me. When there’s something you’re really excited about in control, I don’t really want to pretend to be interested in something I’m not interested in. “Can you consider me for that?” I don’t think there is any harm. I’m not trying to step on someone else’s toes, I’m just saying this is my favorite and I’m seriously passionate about it. “I can do a good job with this for you.”

The Gears of War movie has been drowning in development hell since 2007. The writer goes in and out of the project until ownership is transferred to Universal. The actor has been added to Gears 5 as a real playable multiplayer character as Bautista has lobbied for the status of COG soldier Marcus Phoenix.

The Gears of War movie shows no signs of life these days, but it goes without saying that turning Fast & The Furious’s work back to Badger Universal is not an easy decision. Fast & Furious’s fate exceeded $ 1 billion in box office revenue as of mid-2017, and F9 will star one of Bautista’s old WWE colleagues John Cena, who will play the leading role as Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto brother.


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