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Whether or not the New York Giants find a way to participate in the playoffs this Sunday, one of the major off-season decisions the team is facing is the future of general manager Dave Gettleman.

Under the Gettleman, the Giants set a record of only 14-33. This is the fourth worst record in the three years. There is also a protracted question about his decision to choose Sakuon Berkeley’s running back in Round 1 of the 2018 NFL Draft and Daniel Jones of the quarterback in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft.

But in the end, head coach Joe Judge could have a strong say in deciding the fate of Gettleman.

When asked about their relationship on Thursday, the judge said only good things about Gettleman, and added that they and the rest of the team’s front office and coaching staff share a common vision. ..

“I think the whole building has had one vision since I came here,” the judge told reporters. “I’m very pleased with the way we came out in the draft with free agents last spring. Everyone we brought can contribute to this team, grow in time and lay the foundation for this team. I think it was useful.

“We have to keep drafting well. We have to keep signing free agents built in our culture as well as in our plans and diversity. But both I think we are working together in terms of the building. The building is working as one and that is very positive. “

The judge also said he enjoyed working with Gettleman this season and feels they have accomplished a lot of good things.

“I enjoyed working with Dave all year long,” the judge said. “We did a lot of good things together. I really enjoyed the process of drafting with the free agent. Obviously we went through the training camp and prepared the setup when the team came back. In that respect, there was a lot of logistical work we had to do in this particular spring and summer.

“I think everyone is doing a good job right now in understanding where we want to go and going in the right direction. With Dave on the type of player that fits our system. There was great coordination and communication with all the staff. “

The Giants have won only six games this season, but this year was clearly the most successful Giants GM for Gettleman. And if the judge is genuine in his comments, don’t expect big changes in the coming months.

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Dave Gettleman and I share a “one vision” Dave Gettleman and I share a “one vision”

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