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Los Angeles-Dodgers manager Dave Roberts best summarized the importance of the moment.

That was one way Roberts described a three-run home run Cody Bellinger It did more than tie a match in the bottom of the eighth inning. It may have saved the defending champion’s bid to win everything again.

Bellinger set up the Dodger Stadium spectators, who were tense at that point in the explosion, erasing the lead in 5-2 Atlanta. Mookie Betts‘Go ahead will later double a few batters. Faced with the abyss of the 0-3 Series deficit, the Dodgers defeated Atlanta 6-5 instead on Tuesday and can now defeat the National League Championship Series in Game 4 on Wednesday.

“Man, pure uplifting, joy,” Roberts said. “That is, it’s hard to imagine a bigger hit.”

The sudden shift when the Dodgers seemed to be at the top of the deficit in a series that was virtually insurmountable was quick and surprising.

“It’s impossible not to notice (deficits),” Betts said. “But I think it’s a weak way to think about things. I think our way of thinking was. Why when we’re here now, we focus on being able to win the game now. Do you win? “

Still, Bellinger’s home run was sudden in context. The 2019 MVP was swinging better after mechanical adjustments later in the season. Nevertheless, this was the player who hit .165 with the advent of over 350 plates during the regular season.

Is it even better? The tying explosion came from a Braves rescuer on a fastball at 96 mph. Luke Jackson It was well above the strike zone. In a nutshell, it was an impossible pitch for Bellinger to jump out of the park. According to a survey by ESPN Stats & Information, the pitch crossed a plate 4.12 feet off the ground. No one has returned to such a pitch at that speed during the postseason, at least since 2008.

In addition, Bellinger did not return to the pitch outside the strike zone throughout the season.

“Yes, that’s not the batter’s pitch right there, but at that moment, no matter what happened, I saw it and tried to put the barrel on it and let it pass through the baton.”

In fact, that happened. Immediately after Bellinger’s Homer set fire to the crowd Chris Taylor Single hit, knock out Jackson from the game.He stole the second base, which was important for a pinch hitter Matt beaty Based on what could have been a double play ball. Betts then hit the drive into the fence to double Taylor’s score.

The sequence unfolded at lightning speed. And when it was over, it was difficult to square the energy of the stadium with the imminent sense of ruin that struck the Chavez Canyon just shortly before.

“We were dead in the water,” Roberts said. “You could see it.”

The Dodgers were 5 outs apart until they fell 0-3. This is the deficit that only the 2004 Red Sox overcame in the series. (The team Roberts played.) Los Angeles became the first team 0-2 in the series, returning from at least three rundowns five times later.

All of this brings relatively fresh memories that are bad for the Braves. It was last year that Atlanta took the lead in two games at the Dodgers. Game 3 at that time was very different-15-3 LA Romp-But Atlanta raised Game 5 to 3-1. The Dodgers then recovered, took three straights and advanced to the World Series. The World Series is a place that Atlanta hasn’t reached since 1999.

Still, Braves manager Brian Snitker seemed indifferent to his club’s thinking even after the collapse was raised last year.

“Hell, I don’t even remember last year’s mood,” Snicker said with a laugh. “Our team is undergoing more and more battle testing every year. We played a really good game today. A lot of really good things happened, but we couldn’t get one pitch back.”

Dodgers will be the winner of 20 games Julio Urias In Game 4, the Snicker’s club will have a parade of rescuers, but the order has not yet been decided. Since last season, even the Braves victory may not be able to fully regain the momentum it has built in its two second-half wins in Atlanta.

And it was all due to a single Cody Bellinger explosion that revived the hope of flagging the defending champion, and even the hitting player was trying to figure it out at a post-match press conference. There is little chance. That is, until Betts reveals it for him and everyone else.

“Honestly, it was weird, so I saw it,” Bellinger said. “I saw it and tried to shake it well. It’s just one of them.”

At that point, former MVP companion Betts interrupted to remind his teammates that he was simply likely to be described as very good.

“Tell them, Beri,” Betts said. “They are good, but you also drive a (Mercedes) Benz.”

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Dave Roberts, Los Angeles Dodgers in awe of Cody Bellinger Dave Roberts, Los Angeles Dodgers in awe of Cody Bellinger

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