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David Morrell knows exactly when he arrived in the United States: July 15, 2019, 10:15 am. “It’s been a year and three months,” he said in English.

And who can blame a former Cuban amateur star for imprinting it on his brain? His arrival marked the beginning of his professional boxer career, after a year and a half of trials in his direct destination, Mexico, asylum on a motorboat on a disastrous two-day journey.

In Mexico, he lived with other Emigrés while waiting for his visa to start a new life north of the border.

“I had a lot of trouble,” said Morrell, a super middleweight candidate who will fight Mike Gabronski on Saturday in Los Angeles (FOX). “I rode a boat out of Cuba and was afraid of life. Then I was in Mexico for a year and a half, really alone.

“Yes, it was difficult.”

Morel would have been able to build his home in Miami, a town with a large Cuban community that most Cuban boxers call home. But he wasn’t happy with the idea. It was very similar to Cuba and was too distracting.

David Morrell (left) pointed out Lennox Allen in August.Shawn Michaels Ham / TGB Promotion

He wanted an environment where he could focus on realizing his boxing dream. With that in mind, his promoter, Luis Decubas, gave him three options: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis.

He chose Minneapolis. It will not be much different from Cuba. About 10% of Minneapolis’s population is Hispanic, and some of them are Cuba.

“I told (to DeCubas) I would choose Minneapolis,” Morel said. “He said,’The thing about Minnesota is that it’s really cold.'” “There aren’t many Cubans, so I’m good at English,” he said.

And what about the climate?

“I’m adapting now,” he said with a laugh. “At first, yes, it was frozen.”

As he planned, he was able to focus on boxing, but he had the same COVID-19 related challenges. For example, he couldn’t find a sparring partner before the final battle. This is a broad decision on August 8th for Lennox Allen.

But he is happy. He works comfortably with trainers Sankara and Adonis Frazier, who also work with welterweight candidate Jamal James. And he hasn’t reunited with his parents or siblings yet, which is his goal, but he has a Cuban girlfriend in Minneapolis.

Morel won the “provisional” title in his third profile.Shawn Michaels Ham / TGB Promotion

Someone suggested that he found the only Cuban in Minnesota. He laughed and said, “Yes, that’s true.”

“When it comes to blood, I’m alone here,” he said. “I’m alone. Thank God. I have a girlfriend who is also Cuban. And she and her family treat me as if I were one of them. Thank you. “

And he is grateful for the opportunity offered by professional boxing.

Morel (3-0, 2 KO) was an amateur youth champion at both national and world level. That foundation allowed him to make rapid progress as a professional. His first fight was scheduled for six rounds, his second eight and his third twelve, where he was undefeated Allen before to win the vacant WBA “provisional” title. I broke.

All the time the plan was for Morel to make rapid progress, but not always It rapidly.

“It was all a way of presenting itself,” he said. “I came earlier than I expected. I was asked about [Allen] Fight if I wanted to take it. I was ready. I said, “I take it.” I believed in myself and my team believed in me, so I was willing to fight. “

The results were impressive, despite the lack of sparring. He outboxed veteran opponents and outworked to win 120-108, 119-109 and 118-110.

Now there are three battles in his career and he is lined up to fight the WBA title holders in the near future. Who is that champion? Canelo Alvarez.

Is he ready for that? Now, Morel was asked how long he believed he had to wait before he could fight for the world title. He didn’t want to answer directly, just admitted that he was still growing as a fighter, and that his time was coming.

He also has a big dream. When asked what he wanted to achieve in boxing, he used the word “legend” three times.

“For now, I can’t really answer that question,” he said, referring to his timetable. “That’s a more question for my team. As my career progresses, I feel better and better. I’m ready for the world title shot.”

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David Morrell is on a shortcut to a great era David Morrell is on a shortcut to a great era

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