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Whether you like it or not, the Davis Cup has changed. Whether it has changed for the better will be known over time, but we believe that the traditionalists among us have a spirit created with the original concept for over a century. not.

We will leave a legacy in all four cities with group stages and in the priority cities where the finals will take place. There are many prominent reasons we believe that this preferred host is where we go.I will announce it soon David Hagati

In the meantime, there have certainly been changes, and many of those changes have been to accommodate the growing success of competition and the number of countries that want to participate.

The ITF (International Tennis Federation), which drastically changed the format of the tournament in 2019, announced following the end of this year’s tournament, thanks to a 25-year incentive from Cosmos led by Barcelona’s football-famous Gerard Piqué. Yes, there are some big adjustments to next year’s format as the Russian Tennis Federation won last Sunday.

There was a problem with the original cosmos concept that took place over a week in one city (Madrid) in 2019, and these were addressed in 2021. The competition was canceled in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. The event was extended to 11 days, with group stages in three different cities, Madrid, Innsbruck and Turin, and a knockout element in Madrid.

Since the original glitch could not be completely fixed, the ITF will increase the number of host cities and reduce the number of countries in 2022 in order to increase fan involvement and keep the renewed team event sustainable (18). Not 16).

Four cities are planning to hold group stages at different venues, which have not yet been confirmed, but rumors are widespread that they are likely to become Abdudabi. – Holding the final match.

In each city, a match from one of the four team groups will be held and the top two teams will advance to the knockout stage.


This year, the group winners of the six groups and the top two second-place winners have advanced to the final eight-place.

The changes made by the organizers continue to address the challenges of the schedule that hurt the first edition two years ago.

“We are always thinking about ways to improve, adapting to the future, and looking to the 2022 edition,” said Enric Rojas, CEO of Cosmos. “We will prepare four different cities to host the group stage and try to make adjustments again to go to a neutral city to play the last part of the competition. It will evolve a little.

“I think this small adjustment and evolution has increased the interest of homes in the four cities, further increasing fan engagement and attracting more people to the arena,” he added. “In our view, it will give us a truly successful event and the final piece to become a true” Tennis World Cup “. “

ITF Chairman David Haggerty

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ITF Chairman David Hagart did not confirm that Abu Dhabi was in the race, saying: .. “

“That’s one of the main ingredients,” he continued. “We will leave a legacy in all four cities with group stages and in the priority cities where the finals will take place. There are many prominent reasons we believe this priority host is where we go. To do.”

Some players and team captains have expressed concern that they will have to travel to Abu Dhabi and later in the season.

“After talking to many players, captains and federations, the noise we hear is due to Abu Dhabi, or for some other reason, it will always be heard no matter what you are doing. I feel it, “said Rojas. ..

The bidding process for all cities interested in becoming a host will begin in January, with those interested having six weeks to make the final decision by mid-March. If the DC team in the selected city is disqualified, a backup city will be brought in for the qualified team.

The UK and Serbia will be one of the host cities, as the two wildcards available to the organizers have already given them a place in the draw with four semi-finalists this year. There is a possibility. card.

Every effort has been made to make the Davis Cup finals acceptable, and over time people will forget what it was like and the charm of the original model.

Lleyton Hewitt strongly opposes the changes made three years ago.

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Australia has a great tradition at the Davis Cup tournament and Lleyton Hewitt strongly supports the event, but he is very loud as Abu Dhabi may host the finals of the next five years. increase.

“I’ve only heard rumors, but I think it’s ridiculous. It’s not the Davis Cup content,” said Australian captain Hewitt after the team lost to Croatia 3-0 at this year’s event. Said.

“The Davis Cup is the pinnacle of our sport in tennis and was held in the utmost respect. The match was played over five sets.

“We threw it out of the door, then threw the house out of the door, and threw it out of the door. Playing qualifying ties here and there is the best of the three sets (in a recent improved format) home. It’s not the same as having a year-long main draw match for and away.

“So if they were to sell the Davis Cup soul to the Middle East for another five years, I think it would be ridiculous-and they are really killing the competition.

“I’ve been pretty vocal about the whole thing over the last four or five years. It’s a great stadium here (Turin) tonight, but it’s not a big crowd and it’s not the purpose of the Davis Cup.

“Some of my biggest memories were playing in the Davis Cup semi-finals and finals in front of a packed house. The atmosphere was great, whether in Australia or away.

“I and Tony Roche sit down and tell the young people what they were doing when they played in that situation. Now I’m really disappointed. A guy like Alex (De Minaur) is those big guys. To play in a match, do anything to get into such a situation.

“I know what (the old Davis Cup) means to the top people — it meant the world. There’s something really special about this tournament.”

Todd Woodbridge was once the number one doubles player in the world and perhaps one of the most successful doubles players to date, as well as his accusations of the changes made in 2019.

“As Layton [Hewitt] They sold their souls this week, “Woodbridge told 2GB – Sydney Talk Radio. “There is no history related to it. All of us … have never grown up and been part of it.

“If you break the most historic competition in the game, you probably need to resign and move on.”

In contrast, Daniil Medvedev, who led the Russian Tennis Federation to the title this year, does not, of course, believe that the spirit of competition has changed.

“It’s still the Davis Cup,” he said. “We still see Novak playing (and) Rafa won it last time. Regardless of the format, the best players in the world are happy to represent their country. . “

But the opposition is that Alexander Zverev, who has declared he wants to win the Davis Cup, refuses to play in protest of the new format.

But after all, it’s the tennis fans who decide whether the change will be successful, and they haven’t and never experienced a full-fledged Davis Cup tie, so I believe they won’t. I want to. I played for 3 days with 5 or 5 sets of rubber.

For Hagati and the ITF, “economic sustainability of competition” is a top priority, so in the end money is everything.

And do fans travel to Abu Dhabi?

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Davis Cup – 2022 Reflections and Changes Davis Cup – 2022 Reflections and Changes

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