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Supercar stars spent their Easter weekend at Mount Panorama. Short forced eviction from hometown QueenslandWatching Shane van Gisbergen win the race Insist on the Bassert Triple Crown..

It was Davison’s first proper observation of the six hours, and the grassroots-style event certainly intrigued him.

He believes his renowned racing family is well-suited to fulfilling his long-held dream of a three-pillar All-Davison lineup, including his brother Alex and his father Richard.

“I love motorsport. For me, remove the blinkers and add a bit of low-level motorsport if needed,” Davison told the Parked Up Podcast. “It’s not a low level, but there are privateers. All sorts of efforts are being made here.

“When you see everyone digging into this amazing joint, you can see drivers of all levels. The excitement of everyone’s face and the crew’s face is really cool, both when I’m here for the first time and for the 20th time. I really enjoy that element.

“I was convinced [to take part].. It’s the first time I’ve seen it and it’s a very attractive lace style. The element of the production car is a really old school, which has a real circle. That’s not what I actually did a lot.

“One day I want to race with my dad and brother. It’s a small idea that’s floating. I know my dad is dreaming of it. You’ll never know, for us. We’ll have to put a lot of things together, but this is an event that will allow us to fulfill that dream as a family. “

Alex Davison enjoys a solid career as a professional racer, a factory-back Porsche driver in Europe and a full-time supercar in Australia.

He missed a full-time supercar ride this year, but at an event where Scott McLaughlin is likely to be unable to return from the United States due to the Great Race, he will be seated in the Bathurst 1000 alongside Will of Dick Johnson Racing. It is linked.

The brothers teamed up four times at the Bathurst 1000 and achieved the best results for the fourth time in 2014.

Richard Davison, son of Rex Davison, who won the Australian Grand Prix four times, was an avid open wheeler racer and Formula 2 national champion in the 1970s and 1980s. Recently, he is a front runner in Australia’s highly competitive historic Formula Ford scene.

When it comes to hardware for a potential 6-hour tilt, Will Davison considers the Ford Mustang to be the best bet given his blue oval tie in a supercar.

Despite BMW dominating the event, Bavarian machines have won all five editions so far.

“You always want to aim for a complete victory,” Davison added.

“I haven’t delved into exactly what I need. Obviously it’s a car that BMW has.

“To me, some kind of Mustang (sounds like a cliché) would be cool. It’s a muscle car. I like the manual shift of it. It’s a cool concept and what I do professionally. Matches very well with.

“It will realistically be a weapon of choice.”

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Davison enthusiastic about family Bassert 6-hour entry Davison enthusiastic about family Bassert 6-hour entry

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