DayZ Creator’s new survival game Icarus released this week

After multiple beta testing periods, DayZ creator Dean Hall’s new game, Icarus, is finally released this week. Developer Rocket Werkz shared more information about exactly when the game will arrive and what content will be available at launch.

Icarus will unlock on Friday, December 3rd at 2pm PT / 5pm ET. The developer announced in a Steam post. Games usually sell for $ 30, but if you buy before December 13, you’ll save 10% and drop to $ 27.

Playing: Icarus: No Rescue-Documentary Public Trailer

Icarus is a survival game with 64 square kilometers to explore at launch. Icarus is a session-based game that you play as a prospector who has traveled to a new world. The goal is to collect resources within a set time period, but they cannot be returned to the drop pod and will be left behind.

Icarus has more than 35 missions available at launch, lasting days to weeks. Over 95 structures, 40 weapon and ammo types, 35 armor sets, 15 craft benches and 11 minerals will be mined. The image below details what to expect from Icarus at launch.

All Icarus content at launch

Earlier this year, GameSpot had the opportunity to play part of Icarus, which you can read about in the preview “Icarus Hands-on: DayZ Creator has an unfinished business in the survival genre.”

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