dbrand will refund pre-orders for PS5 skins. This is because “people you hate” can’t apply them.

This is an interesting customer relationship strategy by the well-known console and smartphone skinslinger dbrand. “Your dislikes” will not be able to apply them properly and will refund all PlayStation 5 pre-purchases. In a surprisingly straightforward Reddit post, the company explained, “I’m not interested in selling products that generate 12 customer complaints per purchase.”

The organization states: “I’ve seen people who hate trying to apply the corners of a smartphone skin. Trust us when we say we can’t handle a 9x size application. Take a look. We are regularly considering the possibility of completely discontinuing the AirPods skin. There is no reason other than that the idiot can’t install it properly. “Full Cover” PS5 skin Is like the steroid AirPods. “

To be fair, the company doesn’t seem to be happy with the look of the test skins created. Due to the unique shape of the system, it is very difficult to design an adhesive that effectively covers the entire console. In other words, the white part is always exposed. I’ve posted an example of what the prototype looks like, but it’s not particularly convincing.

dbrand PS5 PlayStation 5 1

“Our goal was to raise huge sums of money in exchange for meeting consumer demand for not whitening the PS5,” he added. “Products that we are confident that you can apply are not fulfilling that promise. Products that you are not likely to apply are much closer to fulfilling that promise, but you dislike it. If the majority of people can’t apply it properly, it won’t serve its purpose again. “

The company closed with a warning. “If you come across the promise of a full-cover PS5 skin that looks perfect with just a few clicks, remember this post. We guarantee that it looks like sh * t. You can. “Oh yeah, after all, Sony probably has to whip those rumored replaceable faceplates!

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