DC Batman / Catwoman tests the duo’s 80-year romance with the Joker, Fantasm

For 80 years, Batman and Catwoman have been wondering whether they would or not in the history of DC Comics, in and out of them.Tom King’s 2016-2019 Batman Married in all respects except the literal legal meaning, brought the closest thing ever.

Now King continues the story of their relationship from where he left it Batman # 85, and add some new ingredients. Batman / CatwomanUnder DC’s Black Label, the new No. 12 miniseries is a story about Batman, Catwoman, Joker, and Andrea Beaumont. Andrea is well known as vigilante fantasism in the 1993s. Fantastic mask, One of the most acclaimed Batman movies ever made, and this is the first time she has appeared outside the story. Batman: Animation Series Continuous.

Who makes Batman / Catwoman?

for Batman / Catwoman, King he is participating Hero at stake Collaborator Clay Mann. Together, they are a team that carefully contrasts detailed and strong-jawed heroes and heroines with dreamy staging and layout, breaks the boundaries of the first panel with the next figure, and jumps from scene to scene without warning. .. How did those characters get on the roof from where they were two seconds ago? It’s not that important. Please match it.

Closing the team Batman / Catwoman # 1 is the color Tome Molly, the character Clayton Cowls.

Image: Tom King, Clay Mann / DC Comics

What is Batman / Catwoman # 1?

The series spans three timelines. In the past, Batman and Catwoman began romance for the first time, and the rest of Gotham Underworld are skeptical about it. Andrea Beaumont, a former vigilance and Bruce’s first love, is now back in Gotham City seeking benefits. And in the future, Batman and Catwoman would grow older together, Bruce died of cancer, and her daughter Helena got a Batwoman cloak.

Why is Batman / Catwoman happening now?

This series was born as the last arc of King. Batman — But it didn’t work completely.The writer initially conceptualized his tenure as a 100-year-old, but King said it wasn’t a wedding between Batman and Catwoman. Batman # 85.

at the same time, Batman / Catwoman It was announced as a continuation of his work and a final conclusion. However, King and Mann seem to have expanded the loose space of the black label imprints from a storytelling perspective. The Black Label is a place for stories that don’t necessarily fit into the main continuity of DC Comics. Batman / Catwoman Literally, it’s a story that grew up in the story.

Is there a must read?

Absent Really..

If you really want to know the proper academic and contextual history of what you are reading, you should read Tom King’s Run Batman, # 1 to # 85, are studded with a variety of annuals and specials. If you need the most important highlights, Batman Annual # 2, Catwoman 80th Anniversary Special and Detective comics # 1027, each featuring a story from the King version of Batman and the romance of Catwoman — how it started, how he died and why, and how their daughter was born. ..

And, of course, you should see Batman: Fantastic Mask.. This is just a good movie and is available on several streaming services.

But as long as all the usual Batman characters are old and you can understand the idea of ​​the story that begins when Batman and Catwoman got together years ago, you’re probably okay to go.

Is Batman / Catwoman # 1 good?

The problem is a good kickoff with a misleading package.

Clay Man certainly knows how to draw a sexy couple, and today’s story of Batman and Catwoman with a solid desire to help Andrea Beaumont is the penultimate storyline of the old Catwoman. Reveal what seemed to be the most interesting in the timeline until it shook on the page. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t see it coming.

Despite Mann’s careful cross-hatching and intentionally placed creases and seams in each costume Batman / Catwoman Some kind Batman: Animation Series And hyperrealism. It’s a world-class thief where all the villains definitely hang out in the same bar and exchange “industry gossip”, Catwoman and Joker talk like colleagues in the same “profession” and prey on the ultra-rich It is a setting that does not exist. A tremendously indiscriminate serial killer.

On the rooftop at dawn, Catwoman allows her to go see Batman.

Image: Tom King, Clay Mann / DC Comics

It’s a valid view of the character, and I like it, but it takes some getting used to when (literally) comics are drawn very realistically. There is also the view that although it is considered a “cartoon”, it is rooted in mediocrity.And King is probably best known for blending the details of everyday life with high conceptual philosophy and opera cartoons. Mr. Miracle, These are the details he has largely avoided in Batman’s work.

To be fair, there isn’t much about the strictly mediocre life of Batman.The use of King’s poetry, rhythm and narration often gave him Batman Perform dreamy quality. Sometimes it worked really well, and sometimes it felt like I was looking at the prototype instead of the character. Batman / Catwoman # 1 didn’t feel that way, but I’m worried that it might get there, especially given that a clear transition between timelines isn’t a problem.

This first issue does a lot of juggling to start three separate plot lines on a standard 22 story page, but fails the ball multiple times. I’m really uncertain when some panels of the comic will take place, and it’s not a fun mysterious way. King, Mann, and Molly on the color list were in these three eras, regardless of whether the shots were more clearly established when the scenes changed, the costumes changed more clearly, or the art and color styles changed. Needed a stronger design choice to distinguish between.

If it’s so difficult to track the entire series, it’s not a good omen, but hopefully after this first issue, King and Man will relax a bit, stop exchanging timelines often, and calm down to the reader. Gives more clues for.

One panel that pops out

Zoot suit joker. You love to see it.

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