DC Comics’ new Batman: Black & White series is incredibly gorgeous

Batman: Black & White Is a venerable title in DC Comics and differs from the old Batman book in two ways. This is always a limited anthology series, where the writer guides Batman in any direction with about 8 pages, and the story should be black. In white and grayscale, it gives Pencillers and Inkers the challenge of providing impressive and easy-to-read art without the help of color lists.

DC launched the latest incarnation of the series this week, and already Batman: Black & White # 1 is the keeper. I didn’t know which story was my favorite, so I’m getting the panels from two panels, starting with the story of G. Willow Wilson and Greg Smallwood’s Killer Croc above. Shape of water Fans there.

What else is happening on our favorite manga page? I will tell you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, Polygon’s weekly list of books that comic editors enjoyed last week. This is part of the Superhero Life Society page, reading recommendations, and “See This Cool Art”. There may be spoilers. There may not be enough context. But there are great cartoons. (And if you missed the last edition, read this.)

Batman: Black & White # 1

Image: James Tinion IV, Trad Moore / DC Comics

With artist Trad Moore, I think I can literally read whatever the man does. I love how these panels are handcrafted, keeping the marker strokes in the final print, rather than smoothing them with computer gradients. James Tinion gets little in the way and lets Moore do him here, and the partnership is beautiful.

The masked agent in SWORD's uniform prepares to enter the giant green vortex created at the space station.

Image: Al Ewing, Valerio Sici / Marvel Comics

Hey you. SWORD # 1 is a very good comic where the X-Men is very cool and breaks the laws of the universe to get a little black pyramid. I don’t know what this means, but I think it’s really weird.

History of animated comic books # 1

The four panels describe the early relationship between Walt Disney and Margaret Mints. Margaret Mints, in IDW Publications (2020), the history of animated comic books # 1, is a rare woman with some power in the early animation industry until her new husband took over the entire business. ..

Image: Fred Van Lente, Ryan Dunalvey / IDW Publications

Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunalvey are back this time with another comic book history series on American animation. I’ve always been grateful for their series for telling me what I didn’t know in a fascinating way, and didn’t hesitate to give the overlooked person their justification.

Predator # 16

Sebastian Shaw screams, jumps out of the window on the second floor and lands at WOMP.

Image: Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli / Marvel Comics

Readers were out of breath waiting for Kitty Pryde to finally enact revenge for his attempt to kill Sebastian Shaw forever, and Predator # 16 wasn’t disappointed. His fate is natural and terrifying.

Homesick pilot # 1

On the double-page spread, which is also a cross-section of a dilapidated house, two groups of teenagers converge on each other from the opposite entry point in Homesick Pilot # 1, Image Comics (2020).

Image: Dan Watters, Caspar Wijngaard / Image Comics

Brand new on the shelves Homesick pilot Stupid teens, punk rock music, and Really Haunted house. I really dug this first problem. Is there a double-page spread like this? They are our cartoon critics catnip.

Guardians of the Galaxy # 9

At Guardians of the Galaxy # 9, Marvel Comics (2020), Peter Quill meets a duo of sexy blue aliens living on the backs of flying turtles while zooming in on the magenta landscape.

Image: Al Ewing, Juan Cabal / Marvel Comics

This week Guardian of the galaxyStarlord, who thinks everyone is dead, has embarked on a transdimensional journey for God. I know how many years he formed trouble with these blue people and sexy space adventurers. They even had children. All this seems to be involved in the fate of the universe that Peter Quill is experiencing.Anyway, he’s done it all now and returned to the main Marvel setting just in time Black king..

Venom # 31

Image: Donnie Kates, Ivan Coero / Marvel Comics

Speaking of the big Venom crossover currently underway, Donnie Kates and Ivan Coero have dropped Eddie Brock from the building throughout the problem. In fact, I think it’s working pretty well.

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