DC Comics Wonder Girls series is being produced at CW


CW’s DC Comics Universe adds another hero to the Pantheon with Wonder Girl by executive producer and co-showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez and producer Greg Berlanti.

According to Deadline, the show is based on the following iteration of Wonder Woman named Yara Flor, created by Joëlle Jones. Yarra will be featured at the DC Comics Future State event starting January this year.

Wonder Girls will be the first TV series of DC Comics based on Latina’s superheroes. The deadline provided a brief overview of the show.

“Wonder Girl, written by Rodriguez, learns to be a Wonder Girl, centered around the Amazon warrior and the Latina Dreamer Yarafroll, born of the Brazilian river god. With her newly discovered power. , We have to fight the evil forces that are trying to destroy the world. “

Wonder Girls’ production is unique in that it is based on the repetition of characters that are not yet in the book. Other characters like Donna Troy and Kathy Sandmark have taken over the cloak.

Dailyn Rodriguez is known for co-sponsoring the Queen of the South on the USA channel, and Greg Berlanti has been a staple of CWDC comic shows since Arrow’s debut in 2012 under his production company Berlanti Productions. It has become.

Yarafroll is expected to co-exist with other CWverse heroes such as Batwoman, Flash, Black Lightning, Superman, and Supergirl.

Wonder Girl Series in Production, CW Announces

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