DC fans are messing up unjust movie announcements

Yesterday was a big day for DC animation fans. The first was a presentation by WarnerMedia Upfronts, which announced two new anime series. Batman: Caped CrusaderFrom the incredible trio of Bruce Timm, Matt Reeves, JJ Abrams, and My adventure with SupermanIt takes all ages fresh, in the early days of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Besides, however You may have missed the news That Illegal An anime movie is in production.

Future special features Batman: Long Halloween Part 2 Include Next DC Animation Flick Sneak Peak – Adaptation to Beloved Video Game Franchise Beginning in 2013 Injustice: the gods between us.. Curiously, Warner Bros. hasn’t officially announced that it’s underway, so I’m still not sure about the project, but the fact that it’s happening makes DC fandom enthusiastic on social media. Enough for

Not only the success of the battle-based game itself, Illegal The universe is heavily fleshed out with a long-running spin-off comic that has earned people acclaim for deeper explorations of the world, a dark version of the DC Universe that caused Superman to become a ruthless tyrant. .. His former Justice League allies rally against him.

There is a lot of material in this new one Illegal So the animated film I mine means that the hype surrounding the project is already empty, as shown below.

Gamers’ hearts are happy.

They keep killing it.

TheΒ· Illegal The comics have given us a lot of great scenes that we really want to see.

An edgy Superman fan, a nice Superman fan … everyone is the winner.

Many want comic book writer Tom Taylor to be involved.

A well-developed classic meme.

Doctor Fate is excited.

Fans believe it will be “absolutely incredible”.

in the case of Illegal The movie is the next DC animation effort to arrive later Batman: Long halloween, Then it may be available later this year or early 2022. See this space for more information.

DC fans are messing up unjust movie announcements

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/dc-fans-ecstatic-injustice-animated-movie-announcement/ DC fans are messing up unjust movie announcements

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