DC Metal Men is back in active development with Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld

In June 2012, the director Barry Sonnenfeld, who brought us, was announced. Adams Family, Man in black, Get shorty And one of my favorites Tick Patrick Warburton starring, finally off to a long-awaited start Metal men A movie based on DC Comics.

The story is centered around artificial intelligence expert William Magnus. Create 6 different cyborgs, Each made of metal with a different periodic table. Gold is the leader and can stretch his shape in endless ways. Iron is the muscle of the group and lead protects the group from radiation. Mercury melts and can slip into the smallest space. Platinum (also known as “Tina”) is the only woman who believed she was a real woman and loved her creator, and could stretch or flatten her shape. I was able to do it. Self-suspicion and unstable cyborgs, the personality of the group, were dictated by a device called a “responsometer” and reflected their metal of the same name.

Talk to ComicBookMovie.comBarry Sonnenfeld said, “It’s interesting because we’re developing Metal Men with Warner Bros. We’re actively working on that treatment. To me, it’s not a superhero enough to build the world. . “

“Looking at the work I did, it was Adams Family, Man in black, Press the daisies, Schmigadoon!, Also A series of unfortunate events, It’s all about creating the world. A rare, slightly eccentric, different kind of worldThat’s what I like. Specifically, it’s not necessarily a superhero, Metal men, I’m developing a very special kind of world. It’s the real world because I always like things that are based on reality, but I’m a little leaning towards it.It all started Adams Family Both are real, but slightly pushed. “

With success Barry Sonnenfeld With a long form of episodic storytelling that builds a quirky world, the series will give him and the storyroom room to stretch their legs. Schmigadoon!, Tick, Press the daisies, And of course A series of unfortunate events Everything that has been a Netflix hit for years is a great example of what Sonnenfeld might be able to do in the next world. DC Comics..

What about a world where a couple of backpacking trips discover a magical town where everyone acts like a 1940s musical? Schmigadoon featuring comedy and musical heavy hitters such as Cecily Strong, Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Armison, Kristin Chenoweth, and Alan Cumming! Is a good example.

Only two seasons Press the daisies Made, fans devastated to see it leave. A quirky world, do you say? Starring as a pastry chef with the power to revive dead people, Lee Pace unravels the mystery of murder with a resurrected childhood lover, a cynical private detective, and a loveless waitress. please!

And I can’t recommend Tick Sufficient. Comic creator Ben Edlund described the series as “comic-like tones, preferring characters to action, and portraying real human lame superheroes.” The show had fans of comics and series alongside guest performers such as Ron Perlman, Christopher Lloyd, Kurt Fuller, Armin Shimerman and Dave Foley. Superhero experience!

DC Metal Men is back in active development with Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld

https://movieweb.com/metal-men-development-warner-bros-barry-sonnenfeld/ DC Metal Men is back in active development with Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld

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