DC Plastic Man movie reportedly shifts to female lead

Warner Bros. has been trying to bring Plastic Man to the big screen for years, and they have put on a new writer to help jump start the process. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the biggest change in this DC superhero movie is the move to the female version of Plastic Man. Cat Vasko is the latest writer hired to crack Plastic Man, according to THR reports. Vasco (who also wrote the script for Fox’s canceled Lumber Jane’s movie) reportedly started from scratch rather than rewriting the previous draft requested by Mayor Amandaidoco. completely”

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It’s unclear whether the new script will feature a gender-swapped version of the original Plastic Man (the reformed thief Patrick “Eel” O’Brien) or will feature a completely different perspective on the character. Furthermore, it is unclear whether Warner will continue to use the name Plastic Man or change the project title to “Plastic Woman”. Plastic Man is one of many movies that created the “Failed to Launch DC Movies” list. According to the Den of Geek, the project has been stuck in development hell since 1995, when the Wachowski sisters wrote a script that was more in line with Sam Raimi’s Darkman than the relatively slapstick-oriented Plastic Man comics. The Wachowskis reportedly showed an interest in shattering the project after the release of Speed ​​Racer in 2008, and it was rumored that Keanu Reeves would play a leading role. But then, at least until 2018 when Idko was attached, Plastic Man’s films became formants. Whether or not this creative shake-up is the catalyst that Plastic Man needs to ultimately make a big screen, there are plenty of DC movies to work on in the coming years. With the news that Wonder Woman 1984 will debut on HBO Max the same day it arrives at a US theater, we now know everything about Warner Bros. The 2021 movie is directed to HBO Max such as Suicide Squad, Dune and The Matrix 4. Not surprisingly, the big move has some big strengths and weaknesses for the film industry.

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What do you think about the prospect of Plastic Man becoming a plastic woman? Is there any good news about this constantly problematic property? Please make a noise with the following comments.

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