DC Spotlight Released May 4, 2021: Comic Source Podcast

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DC Spotlight Released May 4, 2021

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Comic boom Jace and Rocky! Take a look at the DC book for the week of May 4, 2021. I’ll start with Suicide Squad # 3, where Robbie Thompson brings the perfect amount of humor, but I suspect this problem didn’t work out better. Before Teen Titans Academy # 2. Swamp Thing # 3 continues to be a high-quality title with the introduction of Poison Ivy and the gorgeous colors that make the art even more lustrous. Crime Syndicate # 3 offers Alexander Luthor for the first time, but I suspect that this version may still be evolving. Green Lantern # 2 has some of the most important events I’ve seen in Lantern books for a long time. The only question is how long these changes will last. Batman # 108 shows the first details of Miracle Molly. She may be the most interesting of all the new characters that debuted with this title last year. Finally, the second issue of Batman Fortnite is a lot of fun, and video game fans will get even more than those who haven’t played it.

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DC Spotlight Released May 4, 2021: Comic Source Podcast

https://lrmonline.com/news/dc-spotlight-5-4-21-releases/ DC Spotlight Released May 4, 2021: Comic Source Podcast

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