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New Delhi: On Sunday, India’s drug controller General (DCGI) calmed rumors surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine on impotence, “complete nonsense” while India was preparing for the world’s largest vaccination program. Overturned speculation such as.

“If you have any safety concerns, we don’t approve anything. Vaccines are 110% safe. Side effects such as mild fever, pain and allergies are common to all vaccines. That (impotence rumors) ) Doesn’t make any sense, “said Somani, VG India’s drug controller general.

When asked if DCGI would face side effects after vaccination, “Yes, there are minor side effects such as shoulder pain, slight fever, allergies, although this happens with all vaccines. , -Of course, the vaccine is 110% safe. “

Meanwhile, in his interaction, he said, “It (vaccine) is very safe, don’t worry.”

Earlier on Saturday, Samajwadi Party Prime Minister and former Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Achillesh Yadaf said, “The Covid-19 vaccine may contain potentially harmful ones. Tomorrow, people will find that the vaccine is a population. Would say it was given to kill or reduce. It can even be helpless, anything can happen. “

Earlier today, the Indian Serum Institute and Barrat Biotech’s Covid-19 vaccine were granted permission for limited use in emergencies, said the Indian Drug Controller General (DCGI).

“After careful consideration, CDSCO has decided to accept the recommendations of the Expert Committee. Therefore, the M / s Serum and M / s Bharat Biotech vaccines have been approved for emergency use restrictions and M / sCadila has been granted permission. Healthcare for conducting Phase III clinical trials, “DCGI’s VG Somani said in today’s media briefing.

On December 31, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to be aware of rumors about the vaccine and urged responsible citizens to refrain from forwarding messages to social media without checking.

“Currently, the number of new cases of Covid-19 is decreasing in Japan. We are preparing to implement the world’s largest vaccination program next year. Rumors have spread rapidly in our country. Personally. There are different people, either for profit or for irresponsibility. Prime Minister Modi has spread rumors about his actions. Rumors may spread when vaccination begins, and some have already started. ” Said.

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